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Inserting a Nested If Then Else Formula

This formula is available for use where the outcome of the calculation is stored in a grade, Marks (Integer), Marks (Decimal) or Comments aspect. It can also be used in Data Review columns, where the outcome is not stored.

This formula enables you to generate up to five either/or outcomes based on the conditions you select. For each If Then Else clause, you need to specify the two values to be compared, then define the two possible outcomes depending on whether the comparison is true or false. If the condition is false, you define a further If Then Else clause to a maximum of 4 comparisons, at which point you can specify the final Else clause.

If you are using the Tracking Progress marksheets provide by Capita SIMS (for Primary Schools), or if you have created your own, the Nested If Then Else formula can be used to identify termly pupil progress against annual targets, using a ‘traffic light’ colour coding system, as shown in the following graphic.

This section demonstrates how to create a Nested If Then Else formula which can then be used to generate the traffic light colouring system displayed in the previous graphic. In this example, pupil/student progress is tracked in the Spring term (the

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