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Selecting and Using Formula

This describes each formula and how to select the various criteria required. Some of the methods for selecting formula criteria are common and all these methods are covered in the following sections.
      1. Selecting Column/Constant Values

There will be many occasions when you will need to select a column or a constant value to be used in the calculation.

The Formula Detail Entry dialog is accessed by clicking the appropriate Field Browser button.

This dialog is used to either select a column or to enter a constant value to use in the calculation.

  1. To select a column, click the Column Browser button to display the Template Columns dialog.

  1. Click the required Column then click the Select button.

  2. Click the OK button.


  1. To select a constant, enter the value in the Constant Value field.

In most cases, this is a number, but for grade aspect columns, you are able to specify a grade.

  1. Click the OK button.
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