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Adding a Cloned Formula Column for Data Entry

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Adding a Cloned Formula Column for Data Entry

Formula columns can be cloned to reduce the amount of time it takes to create a template. This would be particularly useful if you wish to use an existing formula column as the framework for one or more new ones, meaning you do not have to create a brand new formula from scratch. When a formula column is cloned, it is automatically saved and can be used to clone from in future, in this template only.

NOTE: Only IF THEN ELSE and NESTED IF THEN ELSE formulae can be cloned. These formulae can be cloned only if the selected template already contains an IF THEN ELSE or a NESTED IF THEN ELSE formula.

Only formulae that already exist in the selected template can be cloned. It is not possible to clone formulae from other templates.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 in Adding Formula Columns for Data Entry to select the required template.

  2. Select either IF THEN ELSE or NESTED IF THEN ELSE from the Formula Type drop-down list.

If the template already contains a formula column of the selected type, the Clone From check box is displayed.

  1. Select the Clone From check box to display a drop-down list.

  2. From the drop-down list adjacent to the Clone From check box, select the formula you wish to clone to display its details in the bottom half of the wizard.

  3. Edit the formula criteria as required. The majority of the information from the original formula is displayed. The only items that are not displayed are the initial Column/Constant values in the IF statement. However, the content of all of the fields and the drop-down list can be edited, if required.

  4. Once the required formula and criteria have been selected, click the Finish button. The new formula column is then displayed at the bottom of the Template Columns panel on the Template Details page.

More Information:

Inserting an If Then Else Formula on page 154

Inserting a Nested If Then Else Formula on page 156
      1. Adding Formula Columns for Data Review

Formula columns for Data Review are provided to display the outcome of a calculation, but not store the result.

  1. From the Template Columns panel of the Template Details page, click the New button to display the Create Template Columns wizard.

  1. Select the Add a Column for Data Review using formula radio button and click the Next button.

  2. Enter a Heading for the Column, up to a maximum of 25 characters. It is advisable to name the column in such a way that it indicates what type of calculation is being performed, e.g. Mean of Maths Score.

  1. Select the required formula from the Formula Type drop-down list noting that the formula available will depend on the type of aspect selected in which to store the result (please see Selecting and Using Formula on page 142).

  2. Click the Finish button once the required formula and criteria have been selected. The formula column will then appear in the template definition column list.

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