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Deleting Columns

Any column can be deleted from a template as long at it is not referenced by a formula.

Click the column to be deleted and then click the Delete button.

Delete button

NOTE: The deleted columns will also be removed from all existing marksheets associated with this template the next time the marksheet is opened. Any existing results are retained, but the results will no longer be accessible via the marksheets associated with this template.
    1. Adding Formula Columns

There are two types of formula column that can be added to a template:

A Data Review formula column displays the result of a calculation using a formula, but does not store the calculated outcome.

A Data Entry formula column calculates the result and stores the outcome in the aspect you select. It is possible for users to overtype the calculated result, unless you set the column to read-only. You must have previously created the aspect with which the result is stored before adding Data Entry formula columns.

      1. Notes When Using Formulae

  • Formula columns can only be added one at a time.

  • An aspect must have been previously created with which to store the results for Data Entry formula columns.

  • Formula columns can only calculate on columns to the left of them. These are the only columns that are available for selection, but you should be aware of this rule if you attempt to change the column order. An error message will appear if you try to move such columns.

  • Available formulae are restricted according to the type of aspect chosen to store the calculated result.

  • You can select a pre-defined result set with which you wish to associate the outcome of the formula to make sure that each time the calculation is performed only the latest result is stored.
      1. Adding Formula Columns for Data Entry

Before proceeding, you must have previously created an aspect in which to store the results of your calculations.

As well as providing columns to enter results, it is possible to calculate a result based on the outcomes stored in other columns in the template, including other formula columns. The only exception is where a formula column is Data Review and is the outcome of an If Then Else formula or a Nested If Then Else formula.

NOTE: You can only add formula columns one at a time and only perform calculations using the outcomes of other columns included in the same template definition.

  1. From the Template Columns panel of the Template Details page, click the New button to display the Create Template Columns wizard.

  1. Select the Add a Column for Data Entry using formula radio button and click the Next button.

  1. If you want to maintain a history of results, click the Next button. If you wish to store only one result in this column, you must select a previously created result set by clicking the Field Browser button to display the Result Set dialog. Select the check box(es) of the required result set(s) then click the Select button to return to the wizard. Click the Next button to continue.

    Field Browser button

  2. Select the aspect in which the calculated result is stored (please see Selecting Aspects to Include in the Template on page 120).

  3. By default, the aspect name is displayed as the Heading for the Column, up to a maximum of 25 characters. This can be edited, if required.

  1. Select the required formula from the Formula Type drop-down list noting that the formulae available will depend on the type of aspect selected in which to store the result.

  2. Click the Finish button once the required formula and criteria have been selected. The formula column will then appear in the template definition column list.

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