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Displaying the Template Columns as Full Screen

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Displaying the Template Columns as Full Screen

You can expand the Template Columns panel to fill the screen, by clicking the Zoom button. Clicking the Close button returns to the original display.

Zoom button

Close button
    1. Changing the Column Order

The order in which columns are displayed on a marksheet can be determined by moving the column headings up or down until they are in the required order. The column heading that is at the top of the list is displayed as the first column on the left when the marksheets are generated.

To change the order of the columns, highlight the required column heading and click the Up or Down button.

Up button

Down button

To move five places up or down, highlight the required column heading(s) and click the Up 5 or Down 5 button.

Up 5 button

Down 5 button

NOTE: All formula columns calculate outcomes using values from columns to the left and it will not be possible to move a column if by doing so, this rule is broken.

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