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Adding Data Review Columns

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Adding Data Review Columns

Data Review columns are used to display existing results in a read-only column. You can show the most recent result, filter the results displayed by result set or within a specific date range. The Create Template Columns wizard enables you to add one or more columns according to the number of aspects selected.

  1. From the Template Columns panel of the Template Details page, click the New button to display the Create Template Columns wizard.

  1. Select the Add Column for Data Review radio button and click the Next button.

  2. Select the required aspects (please see Selecting Aspects to Include in the Template on page 120) then click the Next button.

  1. To filter results by results set, select the Result Set radio button then click the Field Browser button to display the Select Result Set dialog. Click the required result set, then click the Select button. The result set name is displayed in the Result Set field.

To filter results to a specific date range, select the radio button adjacent to the From and To date fields. Select the required dates by clicking the drop-down arrow and choosing the required date. Choose whether to display the Highest, Lowest, Mean or most Recent result within the chosen data range by selecting from the Result Display drop-down list.

If you want to display the latest result, select the No Filter, Show Most Recent Result radio button.

  1. Once the required filter selections have been made, click the Finish button to add the column(s) to the template. These columns are appended to any existing columns in the definition.

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