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Editing Result Sets

You can edit the Name, Lock status, Active status and Effective Dates of result sets created within SIMS Assessment.

NOTE: You can edit only the Name, Lock status and Active status of result sets that have been created by a different SIMS module (e.g. Examinations Organiser).

You can also change the association of a result set from within an aspect column on a marksheet.

      1. Selecting the Result Set

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Result Set to display the Result Set browser.

  1. Enter or select the required search criteria and click the Search button to display a list of result sets.

Selecting an option a drop-down list and clicking the Search button displays result sets that match the selected search criteria only. For example, selecting Locked from the Lock Status drop-down list displays result sets that have been locked.

Any of the browser columns can be used to define a sort order, by clicking the appropriate column header.

  1. Highlight the required result set and double-click it, or click the Open button to display the Result Set Details page.
      1. Editing Result Set Details

  1. Overtype or edit the result set name, if required.

  2. Click the Save button to save the changes.

Save button
      1. Locking/Unlocking Result Sets

Locking a result set prevents the entry or editing of results in any column associated with that result set.

  1. Select or deselect the Locked check box, as required.

Selecting the Locked check box displays the date on which the result set was locked (Date Locked) and which user locked the result set (Locked By).

  1. Click the Save button to save your work.

If you have locked a result set, the Date Locked and Locked By information is displayed in the Find Result Set browser the next time it is refreshed.
      1. Activating/Deactivating Result Sets

Making a result set inactive prevents it from being used in SIMS Assessment and throughout the SIMS system.

  1. Select or deselect the Active check box, as required.

  1. Click the Save button to save your work.

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