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Creating Aspects

Although there are five types of aspects, the method of creating them is essentially the same.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Aspect to display the Aspect browser.

  2. Click the New button to display the Aspects Details page.

New button

  1. Enter a unique Name for the aspect in the Name field (maximum of 40 characters).

  2. Press the Tab key, or click in the Column Heading field, which defaults to the aspect Name (maximum 25 characters). This can be edited, if necessary.

NOTE: The Column Heading text appears on the marksheet, so it is advisable to keep it as short as possible whilst retaining its meaning.

  1. If required, enter a description for the aspect (maximum 2000 characters) in the Description field. Users will see this description when they view aspect details from the marksheet. This could be used for example, to provide completion advice or instructions.

  2. Select the Type of aspect from the drop-down list. The contents of the Basic page will adjust according to the type of aspect selected.

  3. The Active check box is selected by default, to indicate that the aspect is currently in use and that it can be used on a marksheet. To make an aspect inactive so that it cannot be used, deselect the Active check box.
        1. For Grade Aspects

  1. Select the previously defined grade set that you wish to use by clicking the Field Browser button to display the Grade Set dialog.

    Field Browser button

  2. Highlight the required grade set name and double-click, or click the OK button. The details of the selected grade set are displayed. Make sure that you have selected the correct grade set, as once saved this cannot be changed.
        1. For Marks Aspects (Decimal and Integer)

  1. To amend the Start Date and/or End Date for which the Marks are valid, double-click the dates displayed and type in the new value.

  2. If required, amend the default Minimum Value and/or Maximum Value.

For Marks (Integer) aspects, the default is 0 and 100 (permissible range is –9999999 to 9999999). For Marks (Decimal) aspects, the default is 0.00 and 100.00 (permissible range is -9999999.99 to 9999999.99).
        1. For Age Aspects

The Age details page shows the Minimum and Maximum age ranges (in years/months) that can be recorded. The defaults are –99/11 to 99/11.
        1. For Comment Aspects

There are no restrictions on what can be entered in Comment aspects.
      1. Saving Aspects

Once you are sure the correct criteria have been entered, click the Save button to create the aspect.

Save button
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