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Viewing/Editing a Grade Set

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Viewing/Editing a Grade Set

For locally created grade sets belonging to SIMS Assessment you can edit:

  • Name

  • Notes

  • Description

and also:

  • add a new version

  • change the dates of an existing version

  • delete an existing version

  • add a new Grade

  • remove a Grade

  • modify a Grade, Description and/or Value

  • move Grades Up or Down in the version

NOTE: If the grade set is already being used by one or more aspects, then any changes to the grade set are reflected in those aspects.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Grade Set to display the Grade Set browser.

  2. Either click the Search button to display a list of grade sets, or type the name of the required grade set in the Grade Set Name field then click the Search button.

  3. Highlight the grade set you wish to view/edit from the Grade Set browser and click the Open button or double-click the selected grade set.

  4. Edit the Name or Notes text as required.

  5. Add or edit the Version dates as required.

  6. To edit a Grade, Grade Description or Value, either select the grade to be edited and click the Edit button, or double-click in the relevant row.

  7. Click the Save button to save the changes.

Before the grade set is saved in the database, it is checked for any invalid version or grade and will not save if such a value is found. If the grade set does not save, an explanatory error message is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Deleting a Grade Set

Only grade sets that are not associated with any aspects can be deleted.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Grade Set to display the Grade Set browser.

  2. Select the grade set you wish to delete from the Grade Set browser.

  3. Click the Delete button.

Delete button
    1. Viewing Grade Set Properties

The properties of a grade set can be viewed by selecting the Properties hyperlink on the Grade Details page. The information displayed is read-only.

Default Name and Default Notes show the name and notes added when the grade set was originally created. Where a grade set has been imported, the name and notes will be those defined by the person who created the grade set, regardless of any changes that may have been made following import.

When exporting the grade set, the default name and notes are always used in the export file. However, when re-importing an existing grade set, you can choose whether you wish to overwrite any existing name or notes with the default information in the import file or retain any changes that you have made prior to the import.

The Module field identifies which SIMS module was used to create the grade set, which in most circumstances is SIMS Assessment. The Supplier field displays the establishment that created the grade set.

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