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Editing Results Entered via the OMR

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Editing Results Entered via the OMR

Once results have been entered into the system through the OMR they can be edited:

  • through a relevant marksheet; or

  • by rereading the relevant OMR sheet, using the same result date.

More Information:

Editing Existing Results in Marksheets on page 44
    1. Deleting OMR Sheets

Once an OMR sheet has been deleted from the system, that OMR sheet cannot be read in through the OMR. However, even if an OMR Sheet has been deleted, the number of the sheet will still be displayed in the result history for any results that had been entered through that sheet.

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | OMR Templates to display the OMR Template browser.

  2. Enter search parameters and click the Search button, or press Enter without entering any search parameters to display saved OMR templates. Select the required OMR template and click the Open button.

  3. Click the OMR Sheets hyperlink to display the OMR Sheets panel.

  4. Select the OMR sheet(s) you wish to delete, holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple sheets.

  5. Click the Delete button to delete the selected sheets.

    Delete button

  6. A message dialog is displayed advising that deleted OMR sheets cannot be read and asking for confirmation that you wish to delete. Click the Yes button to proceed.
    1. Viewing OMR Template Properties

Select the Properties hyperlink to view the Properties panel of the chosen OMR template.

The Module field identifies which SIMS module was used to create the template (which in most circumstances is CES Assessment Services), whilst the Owner is the name of the user who created the template. The Create Date and last Edit Date of the template are also shown.

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