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Displaying Assessment Results from SIMS

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Displaying Assessment Results from SIMS

As well as viewing results on a marksheet, it is possible to display a pupil/student’s results by clicking the Assessment link on the Pupil/Student Details page in SIMS. Information displayed includes the Assessment Description, result description and the date the result was achieved.

  1. Select Focus | Pupil (or Student) | Pupil (or Student) Details to display the Find Student browser.

  2. After searching for a pupil/student, double-click their name to display the Pupil (or Student) Details page.

  3. Click the Links button at the top of the page and select Assessment from the list displayed. Alternatively, select Assessment from the Links panel at the right-hand side of the page. Either method will display the Student Assessment Results Detail page for the selected pupil/student.

  1. By default, the date range is set from the beginning of the current academic year to today’s date. To specify a different date range, enter the required dates in the From Date and To Date fields, or click the appropriate Calendar button to select the required date from the calendar, then click the Refresh button.

Where there is no result set, the most recent result is displayed.

  1. To display all results for the pupil/student between the defined dates, select the Display All check box.

The results for the selected pupil/student that are associated with data entry, data review and formula entry columns are displayed in descending order of date achieved where the Result Date falls on or between the displayed dates.

  1. The display can be sorted by clicking the appropriate column heading.

  2. Highlighting a row displays the result in the Result panel.

  3. To print the page, click the Print button.

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