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Creating User-Defined Groups

  1. Select Focus | Groups | Assessment Defined Groups to display the Maintain User Defined Groups browser.

  1. Click the New button to display the Assessment Group Details page.

The following information can be added:

Group Description

Enter a description for the group (max 30 characters) - this will appear in the Group Manager dialog and must be unique.

Active State

Active, Inactive or Obsolete. This defines whether members can be added to the group or not and defaults to Active. Only select Inactive if you do not intend to add any members to this group at the moment. The Obsolete setting means that the group will never be seen, but remains for use by the system.

Short Name

Up to 10 characters that must be unique for this Group Type and cannot be edited once saved.


Enter any required notes.

  1. Click the Save button to save this group.
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