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Transferring Results from One Aspect to Another

This utility enables you to select two aspects of similar type and copy results from one to the other, e.g. from the Target aspect to the Source Aspect. The following points should be borne in mind:

  • Results in Marks Aspects outside the range of the Target Aspect will not be transferred.

  • Results with result dates outside the selected result date will not be transferred.

  • Only grades that are valid for the grade set history that is active on the result date is transferred.

  • The result dates of transferred results is unchanged but the result entry date is set to the system date.

  • When a result is modified or added, the OMR ID, Marksheet ID, Template ID, Date of Last Export and Date of Last Import fields will no longer be valid.

  1. Select Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities | Results to display the Results wizard.

  1. Select the Transfer Results from one Aspect to another radio button and click the Next button to continue.

This page enables you to select the Aspect you wish to transfer results from along with the Aspect you wish to transfer the results to.

  1. Select the
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