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Field Browser button to display the Aspect browser.

Field Browser button

By default, All Aspects are listed but you can restrict the type of Aspect displayed by selecting from the Type drop-down list. You can further filter the display by selecting required Categories. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the list then select the check box adjacent to each required Category. The list of Aspects is restricted to only those Aspects associated with the selected Categories.

  1. Highlight the required Aspect(s) and then click the Select button to return to the wizard page. Each Aspect selected is listed with information such as how many templates it is associated with, whether it is associated with a result set, etc. You will need to use the horizontal scroll bar if you wish to view all this information.

  1. You can, if necessary, remove Aspects from your selection by highlighting the Aspect and clicking the Delete Item button.

  2. Click the Next button to continue.

This page enables you to choose, in addition to other filters you set, whether or not you wish to delete only those results that are associated with one or more result sets.

  1. If you do not wish to filter the results to be deleted by result set(s), select the

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