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Importing a Selection of Marksheets from Excel

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Importing a Selection of Marksheets from Excel

This enables you to import a batch of marksheets, which you have previously exported from SIMS Assessment and that have worked on as spreadsheets, away from the SIMS system.

NOTE: Before importing, please ensure that result dates have been entered in each result column of each spreadsheet to be imported.

  1. Select Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities | Marksheets to display the Marksheets wizard.

  1. Select the Import a selection of Marksheets radio button and click the Next button to continue.

This page enables you to select the directory from which to import the files.

  1. Click the Field Browser button to display the Browse for Folder dialog.

  1. Select the appropriate drive and then navigate to and double-click the required folder.

  2. Click the OK button to return to the wizard, where the selected folder is displayed.

  3. Click the Next button to continue.

The final page of the wizard lists all the Excel files in the selected folder and enables you to select those you wish to import as marksheets.

  1. Select the check box of each marksheets you wish to import, click the Finish button and when asked for confirmation that you wish to proceed, click the Yes button to start the import process.

An Activity Log, which can be printed or saved, is displayed when the process is complete. The dialog lists all successful and failed imports, along with the reason for any failures.

  1. Click the Cancel button to exit the wizard.

SIMS Assessment is updated with the imported results and these can be viewed through the Marksheet focus.

More Information:

Exporting a Selection of Marksheets to Excel on page 323

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