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Exporting a Selection of Marksheets to Excel

This enables you to export a batch of marksheets, as spreadsheets, which can then be worked on, away from the SIMS system, in Microsoft® Excel. When ready, the spreadsheets can be batch imported back into SIMS Assessment, as marksheets (please see Importing a Selection of Marksheets from Excel on page 329).

  1. Select Tools | Performance | Assessment | System Utilities | Marksheets to display the Marksheets wizard.

  1. Select the Export a selection of Marksheets radio button and click the Next button to continue.

This page enables you to select the owners, some or all of whose marksheets you wish to export.

When selecting more than one owner whose marksheets you wish to export, there is the potential for duplicate marksheets to be exported, because a marksheet can have more than one owner.

  1. To ensure that only one occurrence of each marksheet is exported (that of the Main Supervisor), select the
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