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Field Browser button to display the Individual Reports browser.

You can filter your view of Individual Reports by selecting a Category or Categories from the browser on the left. For example, selecting the Geography Department Category will display only those Individual Reports that have been associated with the Geography Category.

  1. Select the Individual Reports you wish to include in the export file. Use Shift & Click and Ctrl & Click for block and multiple selections respectively. The Select All and Deselect All buttons can also be used.

  2. When you have made your selection click the Select button to return to the wizard.

  3. The Individual Reports selected for the export file is displayed. You can, if necessary, remove Individual Reports from your selection by highlighting the Aspect and clicking the Delete button.

Delete button

You can also, if necessary, click the Field Browser button to return to the Individual Reports browser to select further Individual Reports.

  1. Click the Finish button to confirm your selection.

  2. A message dialog is displayed. Click the Yes button to create the export file and display the Activity Log.

1   ...   143   144   145   146   147   148   149   150   ...   209

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