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Type from the drop-down list.

If required, filter the display further by selecting the required Categories. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the list then select the check box adjacent to each required Category. The list of Aspects is restricted to only those Aspects associated with the selected Categories.

  1. Click the required Aspect.

  2. If you wish to associate the results with a result set, click the Result Set Field Browser button to display the Select Result Set browser.

  1. Highlight the required result set and then click the Select button to return to the Result Selector, where the selected result set is displayed.

  2. By default, the result attainment date for the selected results is displayed as the current date. To change the result attainment date for the results, enter the required date in the Date field, or click the down arrow and select the required date from the calendar.

  1. Click the Update button to return to the wizard page, where the result details you have just selected are displayed in the Header rows of the column.

1   ...   125   126   127   128   129   130   131   132   ...   209

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