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Mapping Result Columns – Selecting a Single Column

This process identifies each column that contains results (the mapping of multiple columns is covered in the next section).

  1. Select the first few cells of a column you wish to identify as containing results, by clicking in the first cell of the column and dragging downwards.

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Header rows (i.e. the grey rows towards the top), and select Result from the pop-up menu to display the Result Selector.

This dialog enables you, for the selected column, to identify the Aspect its results are to be entered against, their associated result set (optional), and the result attainment date with which the results are to be stamped.

The type of Aspect displayed (i.e. grades, Marks, etc.) can be restricted by selecting the Aspect

1   ...   124   125   126   127   128   129   130   131   ...   209

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