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Mapping Pupil/Student Columns

SIMS Assessment needs to know which columns contain pupil/student details. In the example below, the column numbered ‘1’ contains pupil/student names. (The information in row 1 has been added to the Excel file for information only and can be deleted before the import.)

  1. Select the first few cells of the column, by clicking in the first cell of the column and dragging downwards.

  2. Right-click anywhere in the Header rows (i.e. the grey rows towards the top), and select the relevant format in which your pupil/student names are displayed from the pop-up menu. In this example, it is Surname Forename.

You will see that the heading Surname Forename is then displayed in the first row of the header.

  1. If your file contains other pupil/student columns, e.g. UPN, gender etc. they also should be appropriately mapped.
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