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Multiple Matches

If more than one match is found for a pupil/student from the Students from the input file grid, then the corresponding Students from the Database row will contain the message, in yellow, ‘MULTIPLE STUDENTS AVAILABLE’. Again, as in the previous section, as the import file was originally exported through your own system, it is relatively unlikely that this will occur.

  1. Highlight the multiply matched pupil/student row and click the Multiple match button to display the Match student dialog.

Multiple Match button

The multiple pupil/student matches is displayed.

  1. Highlight the correctly matching pupil/student and click the Select button to return to the wizard, where the selected pupil/student will now be matched.
        1. Discarding Matches

To remove a Pupil/student from the Students from the Database row:

  1. Highlight the relevant pupil/student row(s) and click the Delete button.

    Delete button

  2. When asked for confirmation, click the Yes button to remove the match.
        1. Importing the Data

  1. When you have finished working on this page, click the Finish button to start the import process.

  2. When asked for confirmation that you wish to proceed with the import process, click the Yes button to display the Activity Log.

The Activity Log includes details of results that failed to import.

The imported results can be viewed or edited in existing or newly created marksheets containing the relevant Aspect columns.

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