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Clearing Column Headers

The column header information can be cleared from any column. For example, if you do not wish to import a particular set of results, for the purposes of the current import only, you can delete the mapping information displayed in the header of the column containing those results.

This would not delete the column from the Excel file, so the column and its results will still be there if you import the file again.

  1. Select the first few cells of the relevant column, by clicking in the first cell of the column and dragging downwards.

As with entering/editing result attainment dates, you can select multiple adjacent columns, if you wish.

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Header rows (i.e. the grey rows towards the top), and select Clear from the pop-up menu.

  2. When asked for confirmation, click the Yes button to clear the column header.
        1. Deleting Rows

If you do not wish to import results for a particular pupil/student, perhaps because the pupil/student has left your school, you can delete the relevant pupil/student row. As with clearing column headers, the pupil/student and their results will still be there if you import the file again.

  1. Click in the required row and then right-click in the number column, (i.e. the grey column on the extreme left), and select Delete Row from the pop-up menu.

You can select and delete multiple adjacent rows, if you wish.

  1. When asked for confirmation, click the Yes button to delete the row.

  2. When you have finished working in this page of the wizard click the Next button to continue.

The system now uses UPNs to match pupil/students in the import file with pupil/students in the school database.
        1. Matching Pupil/Students

The system will attempt to match unmatched pupil/students on Surname, Forename, Gender and DoB automatically. You can then accept these matches or carry out a manual match. Where a ‘best guess’ match has not been possible, the Students from the database field is blank and you will need to match the pupil/student manually. Where more than one match for a pupil/student is found, you will need to carry out multiple matching.

As the import file was originally exported through your own system, it is relatively unlikely that there will be unmatched pupil/students.

However, if no match is found for a pupil/student from the Students from the input file grid, then the corresponding row in the Students from the Database grid is blank. To match the pupil/student manually:

  1. Highlight the unmatched pupil/student row and click the Field Browser button to display the Student Selector.

    Field Browser button

  2. Select one or more groups of pupil/students from the Student Selector.

The pupil/students from the selected group(s) are displayed in the lower panel of the selector.

  1. If the required pupil/student is located, highlight them and click the Apply button to return to the wizard, where the selected pupil/student is now be matched.

Any further unmatched pupil/students can be matched by clicking the Skip button to proceed to the next pupil/student in the Import from Spreadsheet (which is displayed in the background, behind the Student Selector).

If a pupil/student cannot be matched, their results are not imported.

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