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Importing Data from Excel

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Importing Data from Excel

Marksheet results can be imported from Microsoft® Excel .XML files, which must have been created in Office 2003 or later.

There are likely to be three main reasons for importing results data from Excel:

  • Importing results from users who have been working offline - this import may be the second stage in a process that began with the export of a formatted marksheet from your own SIMS Assessment system to Excel. The formatted marksheet would have contained pupil/student details, Data Entry columns and references to their associated Aspects and result sets. This means that, on importing into SIMS Assessment, the mapping of columns is not necessary and the import is an uncomplicated process.

  • Importing from third parties – for example, results from LAs, nferNelson, Cat Scores, etc. Part of the import will involve the mapping of the spreadsheet columns, so that SIMS Assessment knows where and how to store the results.

  • Importing of legacy data – the one-off import of data that schools have been storing in other systems. Again, the import will involve the mapping of the spreadsheet columns.

The process described in this section enables you to import one file at a time. Alternatively, users with suitable permissions can import and export a selected batch of formatted marksheets to and from Excel through System Utilities.

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      1. Importing Excel Data – Formatted Marksheets

  1. Select Routines | Data In | Assessment | Import from Spreadsheet to display the first page of the Import wizard.

  1. Click the

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