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Field Browser button to display the Open dialog.

Field Browser button

  • Highlight the file you wish to import and click the Open button to return to the wizard. The name of the selected file is displayed in the Select the file to import from field.

    The Header comments from the import file frame displays information about the files you are importing. This may include the file name, the date on which the file was created, the purpose of the file, etc.

    1. Click the Next button to continue.

    1. Click the Next button to continue. This page lists the Aspects that are in the selected file.

    1. To select the Aspects whose associated results you wish to import, click the check box next to the Aspect name. Use Shift & Click and Ctrl & Click for block and multiple selections respectively. The Select All and Deselect All buttons can also be used.

    2. When you have made your selection click the Next button to continue.
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