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Importing and Exporting

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Introduction 219

Simultaneous Working on a School Dataset by the LA 220

Importing Aspects from an XML File 220

Importing Templates from an XML File 223

Importing Wizards from an XML File 226

Importing Results from an XML File 228

Importing Individual Report Formats from an XML File 234

Importing Data from Excel 236

Exporting Aspects to an XML File 253

Exporting Templates to an XML File 257

Exporting Results to an XML File 261

Exporting Individual Reports to an XML File 272
  1. Introduction

Importing and Exporting is a key feature of SIMS Assessment. LAs may wish to support their schools by providing Aspects and templates from which marksheets can be created. They may also want to receive results from their schools to use for analysis. Schools may want to share information with other schools and departments, as well as transferring data when pupil/students change schools.

Extensible Markup Language (XML), is used to classify data that can then be transferred as an XML file. XML is the standard used for transferring appropriate data between all establishments/organisations and across all platforms in the education sector.

The following information can be imported into and exported from SIMS Assessment in XML files:

        1. Aspects

SIMS provides Aspects to hold National Curriculum results and a number of optional assessments. LAs can provide Aspects for use in schools. In addition, schools may wish to share Aspects with other schools.

Some Aspects may be associated with a grade set, and where this is the case, the grade set is transferred automatically with the Aspect.

        1. Templates

LAs may generate templates to be transferred to schools, who can then use them to create their own marksheets.

Full definitions of Aspects and result sets are included in the template transfer file.

        1. Results

The import and export of results is an integral part of using SIMS Assessment. Each transferred result is associated with an Aspect and the full definition of an Aspect is included in the transfer file. The import of results includes the definition of associated result sets. Notes that are held against an aspect within a marksheet can be imported into another school system. This is a school to school function and notes cannot currently be imported into the One software.
        1. Individual Reports

LAs may generate Individual Report Formats to be transferred to schools, who can then use them to create their own Individual Reports. Schools may also wish to share Individual Report Formats with other schools.
      1. Importing and Exporting Permissions

You must have the permissions associated with either the Assessment Co-ordinator role or the Assessment Operator role to be able to import and export data.

More Information:

Roles/Permissions for SIMS Assessment on page 397
    1. Simultaneous Working on a School Dataset by the LA

There have been cases of data corruption, where an LA has worked on a clone of a school dataset and then imported the data into the school’s dataset.

Simultaneous working on a school’s dataset by a LA and a School, and then importing the data from the LA version of the school’s dataset to the school’s dataset can cause duplication of data in the school’s dataset. This process is currently not supported by the SIMS System.

LAs are therefore advised to avoid this working practice. Capita SIMS reserve the right to charge for data fixes caused by this unsupported practice.
    1. Importing Aspects from an XML File

As well as SIMS National Curriculum Aspects, you may wish to import Aspects from your LA and other schools.

  1. Select Routines | Data In | Assessment | Import to display the first page of the Import wizard.

  1. Select the file to import by clicking the

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