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Marksheets displayed are only those relating to the selected Result Set(s) and Group Filters that you specified. The Marksheets are all selected by default.

  1. Click the Deselect All button and then select a number of Marksheets individually by clicking the check box adjacent to the Marksheet name.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that this report uses a lot of processing resources when compiling the results. It is suggested that you run the population of this report a few Marksheets at a time to minimise disruption.

  1. When you have selected the required Marksheets, click the Populate button. This searches the selected marksheets for missing results and displays the details in the Missing Results panel.

  1. Click the Print button and select either Print Report or Print this Detail.

  2. Alternatively, click the Export to Excel button to output the Marksheet Missing Results to a spreadsheet format. You can now follow up with the members of staff whose marksheets have missing results and encourage them to complete the details.

It is also possible to send a message reminder to the members of staff who have not yet completed the entering of results in their SIMS Assessment marksheets by using InTouch.

Additional Resources:

Please refer to the Managing Communications Using InTouch handbook for more detailed information regarding the sending of messages.

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