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Selecting a Group for Group Result Analysis

If you have inserted a group result into your Individual Report Format design you will now need to select the Group whose results you wish to collect and then display in each Individual Report. For the result to be meaningful you should ensure that relevant results are present for the Group you select (please see Inserting Group Results on page 198).

  1. Click the Group Browser button by the Select Group for Analysis field to display the Group Selector dialog.

  1. Click the + or symbols to expand and contract the Groups as necessary, highlight the required Group.

  2. Click the Apply button to return to the Generate panel, where the selected Group is displayed.
        1. Group Supervision Date

If you chose to insert the class teacher name when you designed the Individual Report, the name of the class teacher who is current at this date is displayed in the report. The default is the current date.

To change the date, click the down arrow and select the required date from the Calendar. Alternatively, the dates can be entered manually (please see Using the Calendar on page 408).

More Information:

Inserting a Class Teacher Name on page 177
        1. Hiding Report Sections

You may have inserted Report Sections when you designed the Individual Report. If so, you can now choose whether or not to remove those sections from a pupil/student’s report that do not contain any results.

Ensure the Remove Report Sections that contain no results check box is selected or deselected, as required.

You can now go ahead and print the Individual Reports. However, if you wish to view/edit an individual pupil/student’s report in Word before printing, please see Viewing a Pupil/Student’s Report in Word.

More Information:

Inserting a Report Section on page 183
        1. Printing the Individual Reports

Highlight the pupil/students whose reports you wish to print (you may select all pupil/students if required) and then click the Print button.

Print button
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