Geography Monstrosity IX

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Geography Monstrosity IX

Round 1

Questions by Vasa Clarke
Moderator's note: this set features 20-point superpowers (bold text before (*)) and 15-point powers (text before ►). Some more-difficult tossups are 15 (in extreme cases, 20) points all the way through. There are no minus-fives.
NOTE: Tossup 0 is merely for practice and should not count toward the match’s overall score.

0. It's not in Boston, but the bulging appearance of this building led to it being known as the "pregnant building." This building, designed by John C. Portman Jr. and completed in 1985, is most famous for its large atrium, within which some scenes of the Capitol from the (*) Hunger Games movies were filmed. This building's address is 265 ► Peachtree Center Avenue. For 10 points, name this hotel in Atlanta, the site of the 2017 HSNCT.

ANSWER: Atlanta Marriott Marquis
1. Lithuanian artist Gintaras Karosas manages a large open-air park dedicated to celebrating a possible one of these locations that includes such landmarks as the LNK Infotree and a Monument to [this concept]. An irregularly shaped rock upon which is mounted a sunburst marks an early claimant to this location in Suchowola, (*) Poland. Russian propaganda has supported the dubious claim that a monument consisting of a sailing ship suspended above a map in Vitebsk, Belarus is the actual true ► holder of this title. If the United Kingdom follows through with Brexit, according to one definition this location will shift from Westerngrund to Gädheim, Bavaria. For 10 points, identify this abstract location that represents the point equidistant from the borders of a certain continent.

ANSWER: the geographical center of Europe [or obvious equivalents referring to a center or a midpoint; do not accept “pole of inaccessibility,” as that is a different concept]

2. A site in this region called Puzzlewood was apparently part of the literary inspiration for the deep forests of Middle Earth. While temporarily living in this region, a man got seriously disillusioned by reading a book whose main source was told “you said everything, even if you don’t (*) remember it” by its author. In this region, a lake of ice nearly kills a man who jumped in without first removing a certain locket. Extra-canonical sources claim that Rubeus Hagrid was born in and got his accent from this specific region. A white doe, which is actually a ► Patronus, reveals the sword of Godric Gryffindor in this region, where Ron Weasley is reunited with his friends. For 10 points, name this region where Hermione’s family used to go camping, and where she takes Harry after his wand breaks in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

ANSWER: Forest of Dean

3. The medical condition of familial alpha-lipoprotein deficiency is named after this place, where it was identified. This location’s official website recommends restaurants such as the ice cream parlor “Spanky’s Place” and the year-round Lorraine’s Seafood Restaurant. Part of this location is separated from the rest by a channel called the Big Gut. In July 2016, the New York Times Magazine asked, “Should the United States Save [this place] From Oblivion?” in an article about rising (*) sea levels. The oyster buy-boat Delvin K, the last of its kind still in operation, sails from this Chesapeake Bay location. For 10 points, name this island community near the Eastern Shore of Virginia, whose residents speak a distinctive dialect similar to Restoration-era English.

ANSWER: Tangier Island

4. This country has introduced protections for local bird species in areas such as the Ravine of the Crows. Horse races take place in this country at the Maroñas National Hippodrome. The inaugural 1930 (*) FIFA World Cup was held in this country’s Estadio Centenario, which is today the first and only official “Historical Monument of Football.” Visitors to this non-European country’s capital city might choose to visit the stylish Pocitos neighborhood or take a stroll down the Rambla, which is a long scenic avenue along the beach. Although this country has no known surviving indigenous languages, some people in its northern territories speak ► “Portuñol,” or Spanish-influenced Portuguese. For 10 points, name this country to the north of the Río de la Plata estuary, on which lies its capital, Montevideo.

ANSWER: Uruguay [or la República Oriental del Uruguay]

5. The city nearest this man-made structure includes the southernmost campus of South Valley University. The building of this landmark resulted in the diocese of Faras becoming a titular see. Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman was criticized in 2001 for threatening to (*) blow up this historic landmark. A plummet in regional sardine fisheries coincided with the completion of this infrastructure project, although the exact cause of the former remains contested. John ► Foster Dulles refused funding for this project after its leader officially recognized the People’s Republic of China. Due to the anticipated effects of this project, the temple complex of Abu Simbel was relocated so it would not be submerged. For 10 points, name this 1960s construction project that created Lake Nasser and ended the yearly flooding of the Nile.

ANSWER: Aswan High Dam [or Al-Sadd al-ʿĀlī]

6. The deliverer of the 1992 Presidential Address to the American Association of Geographers claimed this field and geography “occupy much the same ground but have been standing with their backs to each other.” Norwood and Monk collaborated on a book that applied this discipline to geographies of culture in the American Southwest. This discipline’s ability to enhance scientific efforts to reduce illusion was praised by Staeheli and Lawson in a paper titled “[this field], (*) Praxis, and Human Geography.” It’s not indigenous rights, but interdisciplinary studies involving this field were pursued by noted New Zealand geographer Evelyn ► Stokes. For 10 points, name this discipline whose application is sometimes relevant to human geography, as it encourages the recognition of geographical issues that affect the lives of women.

ANSWER: feminism

7. This territory is the northernmost place in which was practiced the funerary tradition of carving a hole in a massive tree trunk for the bodies of slaves and topping them with a jar of the dead king’s bones. That ritual, conducted by this territory's Punan Bah people, is called Kelirieng. More than a hundred miles of tunnels make up this territory’s Clearwater Cave, located in Gunung Mulu National Park. This territory’s museum, its Government Lay School, and its Fort Margherita were all founded in the 19th century by its second monarch, Charles Brooke. Relics of this territory’s White (*) Rajahs are still apparent in the architecture of its capital city, Kuching. For 10 points, name this territory on the island of ► Borneo that, along with Sabah, is controlled by Malaysia.

ANSWER: Sarawak

8. The documentary Village of Widows noted the high death rate surrounding this body of water, which was historically used to transport pitchblende to Port Radium. Permanent protection has been granted to sacred land on the peninsulas of Sahoyue-Edacho on this body of water. The five “arms” of this body of water are named Dease, McTavish, McVicar, Keith, and Smith. Fort Confidence, established by the (*) Hudson’s Bay Company on this body of water, now lies in ruins. The community of Deline [day-li-nay] lies on this body of water, where Sir John Franklin may have documented the birth of ► ice hockey. For 10 points, name this largest lake entirely within Canada, located in the Northwest Territories.

ANSWER: Great Bear Lake [or Grand lac de l'Ours; or Sahtú]

9. Traditionally, Irish participants in this journey began at a western gate into Dublin that is now the location of the Guinness brewery. Medieval guidelines for performing this journey were compiled in the Codex Calixtinus. In a 2010 film, Martin Sheen stars as the elderly Tom Avery, who (*) travels this route to scatter his son’s ashes. People who traveled this route began a tradition of collecting scallop shells to prove they had made the journey. Travelers who complete this journey may participate in religious services involving a massive censer called the ► Botafumeiro, stay for free at the historic Hostal dos Reis Católicos, and stamp a passport called a credencial. The namesake of this journey increased in popularity after performing miracles as the “Moorslayer,” or Matamoros, during the Reconquista. For 10 points, name this popular pilgrimage route to a Catholic shrine in northwestern Spain.

ANSWER: Camino de Santiago [or Peregrinatio Compostelana; or the “Way of St. James;” or obvious translated equivalents]

10. It’s not in the continental United States, but this geographic feature completely surrounds a Roosevelt Island. Vance Woodall was accidentally crushed to death on this geographic feature while participating in Operation Highjump. Several expeditionary bases named “Little America” were established by Richard (*) Byrd on top of this geographic feature. If you traveled directly south from the non-Canadian Scott Island, your boat would crash when it collided with this geographic feature. Permanent American presence next to this geographic feature is currently maintained by ► McMurdo Station. The Bay of Whales, which no longer exists, formed a harbor on this geographic feature where Roald Amundsen established the Framheim base. For 10 points, name this largest ice shelf in Antarctica, located within New Zealand’s claimed dependency.

ANSWER: Ross Ice Shelf [or McMurdo Ice Shelf until “McMurdo” is read; accept answers like “Ross Sea” because that’s what it floats on]


1. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s other anti-slavery novel was about a man named Dred who lived in a maroon community in this region. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this wetlands area whose center contains the freshwater Lake Drummond. Its current eastern boundary is more or less followed by the oldest continually operating manmade canal in the United States.

ANSWER: Great Dismal Swamp

[10] This North Carolina city, the “Harbor of Hospitality,” gained economic prominence with the Dismal Swamp Canal and today hosts the country’s largest Coast Guard Air Station and the annual North Carolina Potato Festival.

ANSWER: Elizabeth City

[10] The Great Dismal Swamp lies on the Atlantic coastal plain, a physiographic region that runs from the ocean to the fall line, where it meets this plateau region of the Eastern U.S.

ANSWER: Piedmont

2. Viva Las Vegas, baby. Actually, the Las Vegas strip lies outside the Las Vegas metropolitan area. There's a CGP Grey video about it. Whatever, let’s answer some questions about casinos! For 10 points each:

[10] A “What If?” feature on xkcd once suggested using the spotlight from this casino hotel to try to light up the moon. Whoever built this place got so into its Egyptian theme they built a frickin’ huge pyramid.

ANSWER: Luxor Las Vegas

[10] Celine Dion performed two different residency shows, “A New Day…” and the ongoing “Celine,” at this casino hotel’s “Colosseum.” Frank Sinatra had a gun pulled on him while he was playing baccarat at this casino.

ANSWER: Caesars Palace

[10] This attraction isn’t a casino! It’s a massive indoor amusement park attached to Circus Circus Las Vegas, where you can ride the Canyon Blaster instead of gambling away your life’s savings.

ANSWER: Adventuredome
3. In the universe of the SCP Foundation online writing project, the proposal for SCP-001 by TwistedGears and Kaktus claims that this landmass was created after a weapon of mass destruction was used to blow up a mechanical monstrosity. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this peninsula which lies between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

ANSWER: Baja California

[10] The article for SCP-1422 describes an anomaly where employees of the Foundation were somehow prevented from learning about this national park for an unknown length of time. This includes personnel who had previously lived in Wyoming and probably should have heard of this place at some point.

ANSWER: Yellowstone National Park

[10] According to the article for SCP-006, this mythical place is located “60 km west of Astrakhan.” In apocryphal accounts from our history, Ponce de Leon unsuccessfully searched Florida for this place.

ANSWER: the Fountain of Youth [or obvious equivalents]
4. This territory created a time capsule scheduled to be opened in 2049, in which it included a copy of the joint declaration that transferred this territory to its current sovereign. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this autonomous territory on the Pearl River Delta, ruled until 1999 by Portugal.

ANSWER: Macau [or Àomén]

[10] Macau uses this denomination of currency, the Portuguese equivalent of the peso. It was also used in other overseas territories such as Portuguese Timor.

ANSWER: pataca

[10] Part of Macau’s historic center includes a theater named for this obscure Portuguese monarch. The son of Maria II, he did little of note before dying at the age of 24 after personally caring for victims of a cholera outbreak.

ANSWER: Pedro V [prompt on “Pedro” or “Dom Pedro”]
5. This country’s government demolished hundreds of illegal buildings in its Butrint National Park, built around a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the same name. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this country, whose Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park contains what may be the last surviving population of the critically endangered Balkan Lynx.

ANSWER: Albania

[10] The national symbol of Albania is this bird of prey, which appears on the Albanian flag and has been extensively used in falconry. It was the real-life model for the Aquila standard carried into battle by Roman legions.

ANSWER: golden eagle [or Aquila chrysaetos; prompt on “eagle”]

[10] Albania’s southern coast may be home to a few of these animals. This seal species is endangered and faces the challenge of a greatly fragmented population, with the largest remaining community residing in the Aegean Sea.

ANSWER: Mediterranean monk seal [or Monachus monachus]
6. This technology has become massively popular in civilian use, although it is impossible to use this technology above 18 kilometers or while traveling more 515 meters per second, because it’d be obvious you were using it to guide a cruise missile, and that’s bad. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this satellite-based technology currently maintained by the United States Air Force that was made available for civilian use after the shootdown of Korean Air Lines 007.

ANSWER: GPS [or Global Positioning System; or DNSS; Defense Navigation Satellite System]

[10] GPS data are useful in this subfield of physical geography, which deals with actually gathering and processing geographic information. If you stepped into a time machine, you might hear this called “survey engineering,” while if you went to Australia they might call this “spatial science.”

ANSWER: Geomatics

[10] This country operates the GPS alternative NAVIC, which it began after this country was denied wartime use of GPS systems by the Clinton administration in 1999.

7. The only British land to be successfully occupied by the Nazis during World War II were the islands of this archipelago. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this archipelago, the remnants of what once constituted feudal Duchy of Normandy.

ANSWER: Channel Islands [or Îles de la Manche]

[10] Politically, the Channel Islands are composed of two crown dependencies, each of which is administered by a bailiff together with a body of elected representatives. Name both.

ANSWER: Guernsey and Jersey [accept in either order; do not accept any other answers, such as “Sark,” which is a Channel Island but is part of Guernsey]

[10] This territory in the Irish Sea is the only other British crown dependency. Its bicameral legislature is called the Tynwald, and its native Gaelic language is undergoing a sustained revival.

ANSWER: Isle of Man
8. The best place to photograph this place is from Mirador Laime, which is named after an explorer who cleared a trail to this landmark. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, whose namesake crash-landed the plane El Río Caroní near it.

ANSWER: Angel Falls [or Salto Ángel; or Kerepakupai Meru; or Parakupá Vená]

[10] Angel Falls flows down the side of Auyán, which is an example of this type of South American rock formation. These flat-top sandstone plateaus are predominant in the Guiana Highlands, where they serve as islands of extraordinary biodiversity.


[10] According to Wikipedia, another Venezuelan sandstone rock formation, Maverick Rock, is named not after its discoverer, but after one of these things that it apparently resembles.

ANSWER: a car [or obvious equivalents such as automobile; or a Ford Maverick, as that is the specific car after which this roughly rectangular slab is named]
9. Today, this territory is connected to Copenhagen by a bridge across the Øresund. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this southern Swedish province that was part of Denmark until Carl X Gustav of Sweden conquered it. The local dialects here include South Swedish and East Danish.

ANSWER: Scania [or Skåne]

[10] In this city, tourists may visit the Sankt Petri Church, a beautiful medieval structure begun in 1319. The first skyscraper in the world with a twisting appearance, the Turning Torso, is also located in this city, the capital of Scania.


[10] Life in Malmö was probably disrupted briefly when this occurred on September 3, 1967. Both Sweden and Iceland remember an occurrence called “H-Day” in which their countries successfully performed this action.

ANSWER: switching from driving on the left to driving on the right side of the road [or any answer that mentions switching which lanes people drive in, as long as it does not contain wrong information, such as switching from right to left]
10. Because of the reported discovery of coesite in this landmark, it was misidentified by the Gemini IV crew as a possible impact structure. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this circular landmark 40 kilometers in diameter, the colorful remains of an eroded sedimentary dome. It is a major feature of central Mauritania.

ANSWER: Guelb er Richat [or “the Richat structure;” accept but do not otherwise reveal “the Eye of the Sahara”]

[10] The Richat structure is commonly referred to as the “eye of” this region, which occupies close to 90 percent of Mauritania’s land area. This very dry region’s northwest is separated from the coast by the Atlas Mountains.

ANSWER: Sahara [or as-Sahra al-Kubra]

[10] One project of this type coordinated by the African Union seeks to halt the desertification of Northern Africa caused by the expansion of the Sahara. A similar project is being undertaken in China to prevent the spread of the Gobi Desert, and is being hampered by the declining height of the local water table.

ANSWER: Great Green Wall [or any equivalent answer suggesting an artificial forest]

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