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Google glass

GCD 2032

Shamma Saeed Harmous Saeed Saleh Almazrouei (H00259177)


Table of Contents

Introduction: 1

What is google glass? 2

How does it work? 2

What are its advantages? 2

What are its disadvantages? 2

How can the people with special needs use it? 2

Conclusion: 3

References: 3


In this report I will talk about google glass, first part I will talk about what is google glass then the second part how it’s work? And the third part I will talk about advantages and disadvantages. Finally how the people with special can needs use it. Then I have conclusion.

What is google glass?

Google glass is wearable, voice controlled android device that resembles a pair of eye glasses and displays information directly in the user’s field of vision.

How does it work?

Glass works and gives you a peek at what the world looks like through glass. Glass is a headset with display that rests over your right eye. It can be worn independently or attached to prescription glasses. It informed about any incoming emails, calls or other notifications. The glass interface is not designed to work alone; you will need to sync it with a smartphone to use it properly.

What are its advantages?

Google glass gather information without the conventional hands on method and it allows users to access online information, shoot photos or video and send messages. It is controlled by voice or by using touchpad on its side.

What are its disadvantages?

Google glass can cost decreased awareness and headaches if you wear the device. There is a tendency for the users to apply the camera and video with the wrong intention for unethical practices which means it is possible for any persons to take photos or view any ones privacy without their knowledge.

How can the people with special needs use it?

Google Glass as a valuable tool to help individuals with all types of special needs. We have listed three ways Google Glass may be helpful for individuals with special needs.

Individuals with Autism Understand Expressions and Emotions.


The Blind and Visually Impaired.

The people can use google if they need it, for example when you are on the move, either driving a vehicle or travelling, you can deliver messages just by voice commands.


Google glass are basically wearable computers that use the evolving familiar technologies that brings the sophistication and ease the communication and information access even for the physically challenged class of people those literally could not use general way of palmtops and mobiles.


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