Gc unifast III: self-cured crown and bridge temporary acrylic resin for indirect and direct application

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GC Unifast III: self-cured crown and bridge temporary acrylic resin for indirect and direct application

Temporaries at their best: simple, aesthetic and dimensionally stable thanks to new SURF technology

Longer working times and shorter setting times as well as improved aesthetics and practicability: the temporary crown and bridge material GC Unifast has been in great demand and enjoyed great popularity for more than 30 years – in both dental practices and laboratories. Now the latest generation is on the market: GC Unifast III is the first to offer a perfect polymer/pigment distribution owing to the revolutionary SURF technology (Surface Uniformity Revolutionary Fixation). Whether using the indirect brush-on technique or direct mixing: thanks to the unique handling and material properties as well as the expanded colour palette of the new temporary crown and bridge resin from GC EUROPE, all short-term and long-term temporaries can now be produced simply and quickly to provide aesthetically impressive work that is colour-stable and dimensionally stable.
GC Unifast III is a new self-cure acrylic resin with a short setting time for a diversity of temporary restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges as well as denture repairs. Its secret lies in the newly developed SURF technology. Thanks to this innovative polymer processing technique, the individual polymer particles are completely embedded in colour pigments for the first time.

SURF technology: polymers and pigments in balance

The uniform distribution of the particles guarantees the powder/liquid system has a bubble-free and consistently pigmented texture – for improved aesthetics, especially for chairside application. At the same time the new material impresses with its high wear resistance and flexural strength, minimal polymerisation shrinkage and guaranteed colour stability over a long period. This means GC Unifast III is also ideal for long-term temporaries.

The handling properties of the new temporary crown and bridge material are equally impressive: for instance, powder and liquid can be quickly and simply stirred to form a homogeneous mass within a maximum of 15 seconds and can then be easily applied without becoming sticky. Thanks to its thixotropic properties, the material can be applied layer by layer with a brush (brush-on technique) – especially for long-term aesthetic temporary restorations. Flowability is easy to control by means of the application time. Other advantages: high stability during application, long handling time and a fast curing time of only three minutes and ten seconds after the start of mixing!
Expanded colour palette for individualised work

To satisfy all market requirements and for individual characterisation in the multi-layer technique, GC Unifast III is available in ten shades: five dentines, the enamel E3 and one translucent incisal shade – for lifelike restorations. The Clear shade is discolouration-resistant and therfor extremely suitable for splints and for intensifying base shades. The range is completed by two special gingiva shades for shaping or repairing gingival prosthetic work and for restoring dentures.

The nano-filled varnishes newly developed by GC EUROPE are available for final surface sealing and a glossy finish: GC Optiglaze for laboratory-made composite and acrylic restorations and G-Coat Plus for the direct technique. Using these light-cured acrylic varnishes, dentists and technicians can quickly and easily achieve a highly resistant, aesthetic, high-glaze surface – without time-consuming grinding and polishing!
Good to work with, good to store and good for the environment

Yet another user-friendly highlight: the special storage container of GC Unifast III is not only used to transport and store all the necessary materials and accessories safely, but the hygienic plastic box with its functional parts and trays can be used directly as a working and mixing box for dental practice and laboratory; including a small mixing dish on which the brush can be wiped off and refillable, leak-proof powder and liquid bottles.

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