Garbage – Packet by Berry (Greg Weinstein) and Editors Edited by Fred Morlan, Evan Nagler, and David Seal, with help from Dan Goff

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GARBAGE – Packet by Berry (Greg Weinstein) and Editors

Edited by Fred Morlan, Evan Nagler, and David Seal, with help from Dan Goff
1. The first player to hit a fair ball into the upper deck of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, he was also the first player to hit a home run completely out of Dodger Stadium. Dale Berra stated that he received amphetamines as a teammate of this man, but it was better reported at the time that he would reward his teammates with stars for strong plays. Bob Prince would announce his home runs with the phrase “spread chicken on the hill.” He finished second in the MVP voting, behind Joe Torre in 1971 and Pete Rose in 1973, before he finally won it, splitting it with Keith Hernandez. Nicknamed “Pops,” for ten points, name this baseball player, a long time Pittsburgh Pirate who won his first MVP in 1979, the same year the “We Are Family” Pirates won the World Series.

ANSWER: Willie Stargell

2. One letter posted on this website tell the author that “cheat codes don’t work in real life, asshole.” If you’re a little baby and decide that you are not ready to get pumped, you are redirected to The author of this site has also studied ghosts, stating they’re the one small weakness his usual subject matter has. One variation of the site replaces all instances the word most associated with this site with the word “hippo.” It provides a set of directions that tells you to cover a Frisbee in something slippery like butter or cream, get really super pissed, fold the Frisbee hard and shove it into your mouth until you can’t see it. Following these directions will allow you to commit seppuku. Written by Robert Hamburger, for ten points, name this web site that posits “the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.”

ANSWER: Real Ultimate Power or

3. This man overcame a peanut allergy through sheer willpower and his mother blamed him for the death of John F. Kennedy. The first season of the show on which this character appears saw him set up an female employee on a date with his former lesbian coworker Gretchen Thomas and he got divorced from the Isabella Rossellini portrayed Bianca as well. Recently he missed out on a date at Plunder however he met his girlfriend, Elisa, at McDonalds for McFlurries. This man's rival is Devin Banks, played by Will Arnett, with whom he competed to succeed Don Geiss as the head of General Electric. FTP, name this head of NBC and boss of Liz Lemon, portrayed by Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock.

Answer: Jack Donaghy (accept either)

4. A minigame in this video game is the blackjack-like game Flux and at the start of this game the player gets to choose whether the main character is a Sole Survivor, War Hero or Ruthless. The first mission in this game takes place on Eden Prime, where the character sees Nihlus murdered. One of the most common enemies in this game are the Thresher Maws and on one of the later mission the player must either calm down his Krogan ally Urdnot Wrex or kill him. The protagonist of this game replaces David Anderson as the captain of the Normandy and he and his crew are searching for the Geth and the rogue Spectre Saren. FTP, name this RPG, the first in a planned franchise by Bioware for the Xbox 360 centering on Commander Shephard.

Answer: Mass Effect

5. At the 2009 All-Star Game practice this player set the Guinness World Record for fastest baseline to baseline dribble and also finished second at the Skills competition, losing to Derrick Rose. After being named Big Ten Player of the Year playing under Bo Ryan this man was taken fifth overall in the 2004 NBA draft by the Washington Wizards, but was traded on draft day for Antawn Jamison. This player started the final three games at point guard for Dallas in the 2006 NBA Finals and he is currently the leading scorer on a team that includes Brook Lopez and Vince Carter. For ten points name this player who was traded from the Mavericks for Jason Kidd last season, now a New Jersey Net.

Answer: Devin Harris

6. Abe Vigoda guest starred as Lou's brother Harry in one episode of this series and its theme song is derived from a piece by Schubert. The show would end its 8 seasons on the air in 1997 with the finale episode being a callback to the first episode, "Legacy", where the two protagonists are left a suitcase by their father proclaiming “you’re rich”. The setting of this series takes its name from on a sports complex in Nantucket, Tom Nevers Field. Thomas Haden Church played the handyman Lowell Mather on this series and Tony Shaloub played the Italian taxi driver Antonio Scarpacci. For ten points, name this NBC sitcom that starred Steven Weber, and Tim Daly as the Hackett Brothers, who operated Sandpiper Airlines.

Answer: Wings

7. Lara Flynn Boyle played Ginny Danbury in this film but her scenes were eventually deleted. One character in this movie shouts “Begone, J. Evans Pritchard, Ph. D”, and another character gets into trouble because he publishes an article supporting coeducation. One student commits suicide late in this film after his father, played by Kurtwood Smith, won't accept his desire to become an actor, and that student, Neil, was played by Robert Sean Leonard. Neil was a student at Welton Academy where he took a class with a teacher who asks his students to call him "O Captain! My Captain!" FTP, name this 1989 movie starring Robin Williams as the teacher John Keating.

Answer: Dead Poets Society

8. Recent albums of this singer include Hymn from My Soul and No Ordinary World. While using the name Vance Arnold, this man and his band opened for the Rolling Stones' 1963 tour. After signing a solo contract, he had a minor hit with the song “Marjorine”, and a later group of his was called Mad Dogs and Englishmen. This man's backup band, the Grease Band, opened the last day of Woodstock before being joined for songs like “Let's Go Get Stoned”. On Saturday Night Live in 1976, John Belushi joined this singer on stage, imitating his famous stage movements and voice. For 10 points, name this “Sheffield Soul Shouter” best known for bluesy covers of “Feelin' Alright” and Beatles songs like “With a Little Help from My Friends”.
ANSWER: Joe Cocker
9. This man owns Creston Farms, where he breeds horses. He voiced the Agency Tape Recorder in 1996's Spy Hard, and he voiced parodies of himself on both Rugrats and Catdog. He plays his most famous role as a cameo in both Random Hearts and Short Cuts. Olivier Martinez's character is arrested after having fallen onto this man's walk of fame star in S.W.A.T. Sean Connery's character watches this show with Jamal in Finding Forrester. In White Men Can't Jump, Gloria goes on television and appears on this man's most famous show. Formerly the host of shows such as Classic Concentration and High Rollers in addition to the National Geographic Bee, for 10 points, name this game show host, previously of Reach for the Top, most famous today for hosting Jeopardy!.
ANSWER: Alex Trebek
10. This band got their name from the caption to a drawing made by a member's younger brother. Their only released single in 2008 was “Let It Happen” off of their 2007 album Chase This Light. Their early album Clarity sparked singles such as “Lucky Denver Mint”, while their second #1 single came from their album Futures and was called “Pain”. Their biggest hit came from an album whose title track was renamed “Salt Sweat Sugar” in Britain and which was given an eponymous re-release after September 11th, Bleed American. That hit featured encouraging lyrics like “Hey, don't write yourself off yet” and “Everything, everything will be alright”. For 10 points, name this band most famous for “The Middle”.
ANSWER: Jimmy Eat World
11. Before making the NHL, this man played one season with the Omaha Knights, and late in his career he played with the Houston Aeros. He used an uncurved stick blade, and this player changed to the number he made famous because it would give him a lower berth on a Pullman. With Sid Abel, who was soon replaced with Alex Delvecchio, and Ted Lindsay, this man formed the Production Line, an apt term due to their four Stanley cups and 7 straight first place finishes. Only twice did this man accomplish his namesake “hat trick” of a goal, an assist, and a fight. FTP, name this retired player known as Mr. Hockey, a former right-winger known for wearing number 9 for the Detroit Red Wings.
ANSWER: Gordie Howe

12. In the Age of Apocalypse, she was Magneto’s lover and had a child with him. In the Ultimate Universe, the appearance of her irises changes after she kisses a one dying character. In the Amalgam comics, she’s combined with DC’s Gypsy as the character Runaway. In mainstream continuity, her adoptive mother killed Mr. Sinister by smashing his face into this character’s. Her foster relatives include Destiny, Nightcrawler and Mystique, and one set of her powers came from a fight with Carol Danvers. Name this Marvel Comics character for 10 points, a female X-Man who has the ability to absorb others’ memories and powers through skin contact.

ANSWER: Rogue or Anna Marie or Anna Raven
13. The Youngblood Brass Band covered this song as the last track on their album Live. Places. After Lori Lieberman went to a Don McLean concert, she came up with the concept of this song, while the song itself was written by the duo who also wrote the Happy Days theme song, Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox. The singer notes that she feels as if the subject “found (her) letters and read each one out loud.” Marcus, the son of Hugh Grant’s character Will, is mocked for singing it in a school talent show in the film About a Boy. Its best known versions were hits for a R&B singer in 1973 and a hip hop group in 1996. For 10 points , name this song covered by The Fugees and Roberta Flack.
Answer: “Killing Me Softly with his Song”
14. Seventeen individuals from this game have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including Gino Marchetti, who broke his leg while making a tackle in this game. Steve Myhra tied it with a twenty-yard field goal, while Pat Summerall scored the first three points of the game. A power cord accidentally being unplugged resulted in an NBC employee running on the field to delay the game. The game-winning touchdown was scored on a one-yard run eight minutes and fifteen seconds into overtime by fullback Alan Ameche. For 10 points, name this sporting event, the first NFL playoff game sent into sudden-death overtime, a contest won by the Baltimore Colts over the New York Giants, 23-17.
Answer: “The Greatest Game Ever Played” or the 1958 NFL championship game
15. The theme song to this series had lyrics sung by Davd Rose, although they were dropped for the actually airing of the show. Late in this series Lou Frizzell joined the cast as Dusty Rhoades and Mitch Vogel joined as Jamie Hunter, a development that led to a large drop in ratings before this shows 1973 end. One character on this series had three wives, the first, Elizabeth, died in childbirth, the second, Inger, was killed by indians and the third, Marie, died after falling off a horse. Big Buck was the horse of Ben, the family patriarch in this series and it took place on the Ponderosa Ranch. For ten points name this TV Western which centered around a family with members such as Hoss and Little Joe, the Cartwrights.

Answer: Bonanza

16. He was a member of the group Da Pak, which released one single with Epic before being dropped. He signed with Arista as a single artist but only released a promotional single before that deal fell through. He raps about a Ku Klux Klan member who “can’t burn his cross ‘cause he can’t afford the gasoline” in “American Terrorist” and about a couple that meet while skateboarding and fall in love in “Kick, Push.” The last two songs are from his critically acclaimed 2006 album Food and Liquor. The chorus of his most successful single features the lines “Have no fear, the camera is here and the microphones” sung by Matthew Santos. For 10 points, name this Chi-town rapper, whose album The Cool, saw hits with “Daydreamin’” and “Superstar”.
ANSWER: Lupe Fiasco
17. He won the first Silver Slugger award for an American League second baseman in 1980; in that year, he was second in the league in on-base percentage, buoyed by his league leading 119 walks. He was packaged with Dock Ellis by the Pittsburgh Pirates for Doc Medich. 15 years later he was traded by the Dodgers to the Oakland A’s for Stan Javier. He captained the team that he was with for the majority of his career from 1986 to 1988 before signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Currently a bench coach for the Milwaukee Brewers, For 10 points, name this former longtime Yankees second baseman, who was fired in 2008 from his position as manager of the New York Mets.
ANSWER: Willie Randolph
18. The music video for this song has the artist appearing as a beggar sleeping in newspapers, butcher who is robbed at gunpoint, and the previously mentioned robber, who is hit by a truck during his escape attempt. This song is played in the Daria episode “Through a Lens Darkly” and was featured in the first Karaoke Revolution. Items mentioned in the song include curtains, a bottle of wine and a “log on the fire” that “burns like me for you.” The chorus asks the listener to “fight the break of dawn” as “come tomorrow, tomorrow” the singer will “be gone.” For 10 points, name this song from the album Desireless, the only major hit for Eagle-Eye Cherry
ANSWER: “Save Tonight”
19. In one direct-to-DVD version, the main character’s name is George Herbert, an homage to the creator of the source for which this movie is based on. That version’s sequel is subtitled The Next Wave. Filming for a 1953 version was halted for a short periodwhen it was found that only the rights of a silent version was held by Paramount. While filming the most recent big budget version of this, the main star left $5000 for a victim of a go-cart wreck, while his character demands his son come up with a plan that doesn’t involve his ten-year-old daughte rjoining the army to fight tripods. For ten points, name these movies based off a H.G. Wells novel, the most recent studio version starred Tom Cruise.

Answer: (The) War of the Worlds

20. Roles he has turned down include Bill in Kill Bill, Jack Horner in Boogie Nights, Jay Gatsby, the Sundance Kid and Michael Corleone. He received Tony nominations for his work on A Loss of Roses. In spite of his accolades, he starred in some of the greatest flops in film history, such as his roles as Porter Stoddard in Town & Country and as Lyle Rogers in Ishtar. In a more financially successful role, his character has to deal with the likes of Itchy, Flattop and Big Boy Caprice. Despite his legacy as a great actor, his only Oscar win came for directing the 1981 film Reds. Name this actor and director, known for playing the titular characters John McCabe, Dick Tracy, Senator Bulworth and Clyde Barrow.

ANSWER: Warren Beatty

21. The brainchild of Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, it debuted in 1994 and more than 300 of them have appeared since its debut. One features a sure-fire prospect who flops, in part due to declaring he could hit Jimmy Key. One person denies another’s request to borrow a pair of socks after the latter returns a headband soaked in sweat. Unusual cameos in these include Steve Irwin, Richard Simmons, Andrew Shue and the Undertaker. During a Y2K test featured in one, Mark McGwire assaults a keyboard with a baseball bat while Charley Steiner implores the cameraman to “follow me, follow me to freedom!” Another has Steiner hunted down by Evander Holyfield for the former supposedly disparaging the latter. For 10 points, name these series of ads shown on the ESPN networks that promote their keystone highlight show.
ANSWER: This Is Sportscenter or Sportscenter commercials (accept answers that are clearly knowledge equivalents)
1. The Atlanta Falcons had an excellent rookie class this past year. Name some things about it for ten points each.

[10] The Falcons took this Boston College quarterback with the third overall pick in the 2008 draft. He started every game and led the team to the playoffs.

Answer: Matt Ryan

[10] The Falcons traded up to get this USC tackle with the 21st pick. His father was a former AFL commissioner.

Answer: Sam Baker

[10] The Falcons even got some production out of their third-round pick, Harry Douglas, a wide receiver that played at this school. While there his quarterback was Brian Brohm.

Answer: University of Louisville
2. Rhea Perlman may be best known for her role as Carla on Cheers and for being half of the ugliest couple in Hollywood but show what you know about her 1996 series Pearl for ten points each.

[10] This actress played Amy Li on the series. She would later appear as Ling Woo on Ally McBeal and as one of the three Charlie's Angels in the recent films.

Answer: Lucy Liu

[10] Malcolm McDowell played a professor on the series who shares a name with this author of novels like Mason and Dixon and Vineland.

Answer: Thomas Pynchon

[10] Kevin Corrigan played Frankie Spivak on the series. He would later star on Grounded for Life as the brother of a character played by this actor.

Answer: Donal Logue
3. The popularity of Youtube has been so great that even Hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon. For ten points each name these movies which feature Youtube Prominently.

[10] This recent Kevin Smith movie saw Seth Rogen's character make a viral video of Elizabeth Bank's character after he videotaped her wearing "Granny Panties."

Answer: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

[10] The Naked Drummer video made the band A.D.D. popular in this film that starred Rainn Wilson.

Answer: The Rocker

[10] Jeff Garlin shows Jim Carrey a video showing how he became the laughingstock of the corporate world in this film that starred Carrey and Tea Leoni as the title characters.

Answer: Fun With Dick and Jane
4. This man holds the record for the most World Series of Poker bracelets with eleven.

[10] For ten points name this poker player who won the 1989 WSOP main event and is sometimes called "The Poker Brat" due to his childish behavior.

Answer: Phil Hellmuth

[10] Hellmuth was the youngest ever winner of the WSOP main event until 2008 when this 22 year old Dane won the main event.

Answer: Peter Eastgate

[10] Hellmuth wrecked a race car provided by his sponsor as part of his entrance at the 2007 World Series of Poker. This company also sponsors Annie Duke.

Answer: Ultimatebet
5. It seems that the race for the number one ranking in college basketball this season has turned into a competition for who can keep it for the least amount of time.

[10] For ten points this team was ranked number one at the start of the season before a loss to Boston College knocked them out of the top spot.

Answer: North Carolina Tar Heels

[10] This team that stars Levance Fields and DeJuan Blair also held the number one spot for a brief period.

Answer: University of Pittsburgh Panthers

[10] This coach led Wake Forest to the number one ranking in only his second season after replacing Skip Prosser. However Wake Forest lost the ranking after losing to Virginia Tech.

Answer: Dino Gaudio

6. This song invites the listener to “sing with me, sing for the years”. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this early Aerosmith hit.
ANSWER: “Dream On”
[10] While “Dream On”was on Aerosmith's eponymous debut album, this follow-up featured a cover of “Train Kept A-Rollin” as well as “Same Old Song and Dance”.
ANSWER: Get Your Wings
[10] Most of Aerosmith's biggest hits were written by lead singer Steven Tyler and this man, the guitarist.
ANSWER: Joe Perry
7. The author of this packet submitted a Harry Potter bonus, so to fulfill our obligation to having one in this tournament, name these things from the Harry Potter books, for 10 points each.
[10] Spoiler alert: in the sixth book, Severus Snape kills this Hogwarts headmaster. But wait! It was all planned in advance! Who could have possibly seen this coming?!
ANSWER: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
[10] Spoiler alert: in the third book, Harry and Hermione go back in time a couple of hours to help Sirius Black escape on the back of this hippogriff, later rechristened Witherwings.
ANSWER: Buckbeak
[10] Spoiler alert: in the first book, the kids have to play chess as one of the obstacles leading up to the Sorcerer's Stone. Ron takes the place of one of these pieces, ultimately sacrificing himself to let Harry and Hermione go on.
ANSWER: Knight
8. Answer the following about the Silk Spectre, Doctor Manhattan and company, for ten points each:
[10] Written by Alan Moore, this iconic 1980s comic book series that has been remade into a movie starring Jackie Earle Haley and Patrick Wilson.
ANSWER: Watchmen
[10] This vigilante, whose real name is Walter Kovacs, his famous mask is made from fabric originally intended for a dress for Kitty Genovese.
ANSWER: Rorschach
[10] This story within Watchmen is read by a black youth in New York City and refers to the title ship’s different stories.
ANSWER: Tales of the Black Freighter
9. Jazz ensembles, for 10 points each.
[10] This man was responsible for such hits as “Blue Rondo a la Turk” and “Take Five”, both off of his quartet's 1959 album Time Out.
ANSWER: Dave Brubeck (accept Dave Brubeck Quartet)
[10] This legend of big-band era jazz scored huge hits with “St. James Infirmary Blues” and “Minnie the Moocher”, which he performed as part of his role in The Blues Brothers.
ANSWER: Cabell “Cab” Calloway and His Orchestra
[10] This group's best-selling album was Django, and they evolved out of Dizzy Gillespie's orchestra.
ANSWER: The Modern Jazz Quartet
10. Answer the following about people involed with movie Philadelphia.

[10] Philadelphia stars this actor as Michael Beckett, a lawyer who gets AIDS. He later sues his firm for discrimination after they fire him for having the disease.

Answer: Tom Hanks

[10] This actor, who also Ecks in Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever, played Miguel Alvarez, Beckett's partner in Philadelphia.

Answer: Antonio Banderas

[10] This man, who recently directed Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married, directed Philadelphia. He also directed The Silence of the Lambs and Melvin and Howard a movie about a man who inherits millions from Howard Hughes.

Answer: Jonathan Demme
11. For 10 points each, name these baseball players who have worn the number 21.
[10] Arguably the most famous player to wear this number was this Pittsburgh Pirate great who died in a plane crash during a humanitarian mission.
ANSWER: Roberto Clemente
[10] This former Chicago Cub is the only player in baseball history to have three seasons with sixty or more home runs.
ANSWER: Sammy Sosa

[10] After making the All Star Game during the Detroit Tigers’ historically bad 2003 season, he returned to the Mid-Summer Classic after replacing an injured Nick Johnson in the Washington Nationals’ ’07 lineup.

ANSWER: Dmitri Young
12. This group is so good, they don't need a leadin. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this seminal early rap group of hits like “Fuck Tha Police” and the album
Straight Outta Compton.
NWA or Niggaz With Attitude
[10] Another former member of NWA, this rapper died of AIDS in 1995. His solo releases include the posthumous album Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton and a bunch of singles involving part of his name.
Eazy-E or Eric Lynn Wright
[10] With Eazy-E's help, this other NWA member recorded albums like Kizz My Black Azz and singles like “Final Frontier”, “Ruthless for Life”, and “Same Ol Shit”.
MC Ren or Lorenzo Gerald Patterson
13. Indiana Jones recovers an artifact that belonged to this man from a ship bearing his name off the coast of Portugal. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this conquistador of the American Southwest who sought the Seven Cities of Gold in a 1540-42 expedition.
ANSWER: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
[10] The Cross of Coronado is stolen, lost, and then recovered by Indiana Jones in this third of the four movies.
ANSWER: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (accept The Last Crusade)
[10] In both Raiders and The Last Crusade, this Egyptian excavator played by Jonathan Rhys-Davies helps Indy get his treasure and bursts happily into Gilbert and Sullivan songs.
ANSWER: Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir
14. They are the heroes of Townville, USA. For ten points each:

[10] First, name the group of young superheroes made up of Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles.

ANSWER: The Powerpuff Girls
[10] This intelligent primate was a lab assistant to Professor Utonium and accidentally caused Chemical X to be added to the mixture that created the Girls. He’s now a frequent villain on the show.
ANSWER: Mojo Jojo
[10] This villain is so mean his true name has never been spoken, this possible manifestation of Satan has this pronoun name instead.
15. Name these classic arcade games, for 10 points each.

[10] This 1982 release sees you as a person either able to drop rocks on Pookas or Frygars or able to perform the title action to reach them underground

[10] In this 1981 title you play as the title amphibian trying not to be killed by the many different obstacles, some gasoline powered.
ANSWER: Frogger
[10] This boxing game was controlled by the player gripping a joystick in each hand and moving them in motions similar to actual punches.
ANSWER: Title Fight
16. Identify the follow about Saturday Night Live hosts, for 10 points each.
[10] A former cast member, when he hosted in 1978 he demanded to return as the host of the Weekend Update. He and Bill Murray allegedly fought prior to the show going on the air.
ANSWER: Chevy Chase
[10] This skater was poorly received for her hosting duties, which included complaining about Disney World visitors.
ANSWER: Nancy Kerrigan
[10] The episode with the debut of the Digital Short “Lazy Sunday” was hosted by this comedic actor.
ANSWER: Jack Black
17. He had minor roles early in his career in several Bruce Lee films, including Enter the Dragon. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this martial artist who parodied Street Fighter II in his City Hunter and more recently starred in The Tuxedo and a remake of Around the World in 80 Days.
ANSWER: Jackie Chan
[10] Jackie teams up with Owen Wilson in this martial-arts-meets-western, where he plays Chon Wang [rhymes with John Wayne]. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't deserve the sequel that was made three years later.
ANSWER: Shanghai Noon
[10] Chan made two movies about this character; one in 1978, and the other in 1994, which features what Ebert calls "the most intricate, difficult and joyfully executed action [sequence] I have ever seen."
ANSWER: Drunken Master
18. The beautiful game has translated well to film. For ten points name these movies about soccer.

[10] This film features a cameo appearance by the soccer player in the title and soccer players played by Knightley and Parminda Nagra fight over the same man.

Answer: Bend it Like Beckham

[10] This 1981 film stars actors like Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine as well as Pele as a group of imprisoned Allied soldiers who defeat some Germans in a soccer match.

Answer: Escape to Victory

[10] Rodney Dangerfield stars in this 1992 film as a man who convinces his stepson to be, Matthew, to pretend to be Martha in order to lead the girls team Dangerfield coaches to a championship.

Answer: Ladybugs
19. What do you do when you have a problem on a tv show. Claim it was all a dream.

[10] This tv series saw Pam dream a large portion of one of its seasons. This was because Patrick Duffy had decided to return to the show after a period where his character, Bobby, was killed off. It also saw the famous "Who Shot J.R." Cliffhanger.

Answer: Dallas

[10] This series which starred William Daniels as a doctor, turned out to be the dream of the autistic child Tommy Westphall.

Answer: St. Elsewhere

[10] This sitcom had a notable dream episode where aliens from the planet Twizo are using walnuts to take over the earth somehow.

Answer: The Dick Van Dyke Show
20. The first video game in which this character appears sees him fight characters such as Muggshot, a giant bulldog, and Mz. Ruby a voodoo alligator.

[10] For ten points name this raccoon gentleman thief who wooed Inspector Carmelita Fox over the course of three Playstation 2 games.

Answer: Sly Cooper

[10] One of the members of the Cooper Gang is Bentley, a genius who is this type of animal. Other video game examples include Koopas and the water type starter from Pokemon Red and Blue.

Answer: Turtle

[10] This villain from Sly 2: Band of Thieves is attempting to revive the evil robotic owl Clockwerk but is killed by Constable Neyla. His name is also a musical term for a chord that is broken then played in sequence.

Answer: Arpeggio
21. It generally has three stumps and two bails. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this construction which a batsman defends in cricket.
ANSWER: wicket
[10] One of the best-known rivalry series in Test match cricket, the Australia-England series is known by this name.
ANSWER: The Ashes
[10] Arguably the greatest batsman of all time is this Indian guy. He has the records for most runs scored in both Test matches and one-day internationals.
ANSWER: Sachin Tendulkar

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