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10/7/11 Customer Service Correlate Minutes
~concern of having enough faculty at McDonald’s & our Fun Night in November expressed
Wheel of Fortune – Chic Filet

36 Bottles of Soda – Lugar?

Turkey Shoot Bowler – Mary Craig

Chuck a Luck (Dice)

Spin the Wheel

DJ/Dance (Kyle)

Snow cones, popcorn – check w/Sacre
Teresa’s checking with Mr. Martin about doing the snow cones
Sandra is checking about Pepsi
Black Light Items:
***Sell some of this during Halloween time/before our Fun Night???----Yes, if allowed

***During Fun Night, will sell items on 8th grade hallway

*Sandra & Teresa are going to check about ordering these things & where we can save the most money 
*Thanks for Lisa Lawson for taking the time to show us this info 
Shutter shades-white (36-50, sold every single one)  50 of these
butterfly shades 50
glow sticks
glow bracelets
glow teeth **
glow necklaces 200??
**Balloons - the Daisleys will do this (helium from “Party Starts Here” in C-ville or maybe place in Ruckersville?) (not same site, but cheaper than Lisa’s prior site)
Hats – fedoras, animal print fedoras,
Black neon glasses FOR PRIZES!!
“Supreme Glow Mega Party Pack” ???

School Specialty catalog – order highlighters for kids to write on their own shirts

***yellow & green work the best

**laundry detergent glows – art project

**hot pink cups glow

**highlighters glow

**white t-shirts glow – WEAR OWN WHITE SHIRTS
*Commercial to run the week before Halloween (10/24)

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