Fruit or Vegetable Store Retail

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To provide you with a clearer picture of our appetite, below is a list of our preferred workers’ compensation classes. Advantage is looking for risks with classifications containing Hazard Groups 1, 2, and 3. This is just a small portion of what we can write.


Fruit or Vegetable Store – Retail

Artesian Contracting

Funeral Directors

Attorney Support Services

Garden Supplies Store


Graphic Design – All Operations

Auditors or Accountants

Grocery Store – Retail

Automobile Dealers and Accessories Stores

Hardware Store – Retail

Automobile or Automobile Truck Repair Shops or Garages

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Shops


Insurance Companies

Barber Shops or Beauty Products

Jewelry Store

Bars and Taverns


Beverage Preparation Shops

Lighting Fixture Stores

Bicycles and Bicycle Accessories Stores

Meat, Fish or Poultry Stores – Retail

Book Store – Retail

Medical Facilities

Bowling Centers/Billiard Halls

Mortgage Bankers – All Employees

Churches – Clergy


Clerical Office Employees

Office Supplies and Stationery Store

Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods Store – Retail


Colleges or Schools – Private


Computer Programming or Software Development

Picture or Artwork Framing

Computer Store


Convenience/Grocery Store – Retail

Public Colleges or Schools

Credit Unions

Restaurants or Taverns

Dental Laboratories

Retail Stores

Dentist and Dental Surgeons

Sandwich Shops

Document Duplication or Photocopying Service

Stores – Paint or Paint Supplies


Towel or Toilet Supply Companies

Dry Cleaning or Laundry – Retail


Electronic Prepress – All Operations

Video Rental Stores

Eyewear Store


Florist – Retail

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