Friday, 12/4/2015 1: 00 pm – 2: 00 pm

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Rehabilitation Sciences Doctoral Program


Friday, 12/4/2015

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

CTW 216

Meeting called by

Carl G. Mattacola

Type of meeting

Fall 2015 RHB PhD Faculty Meeting


Carl G. Mattacola

Note taker

Melissa Miller


Called: 1:09 PM Adjourned: 2:02 PM

Attendees (18)

Andreatta, Richard; Butterfield, Tim; Dupont, Esther; English, Tony; Gribble, Phillip; Heebner, Nick, Howell, Dana (EKU); Kitzman, Pat; Kuperstein, Janice; Marshall, Amy (EKU); Mattacola, Carl; Malone, Terry; Miller, Melissa; Olson, Anne; Uhl, Tim

Agenda topics

news to share

general information/


carl g. mattacola

Spring 2016 Dates:

Friday, February 19th, CON 102A

Friday, April 15th, CON 102A

News to Share (BLOG)

Archived Minutes and Faculty agendas can be found at

New Business

New business

Carl G. Mattacola


Faculty Search


Dr. Mattacola accepted a new position in the Dean’s office and a new faculty search will start soon for a new Chair. The search committee includes Joe Stemple (chair), Charlotte Peterson, Tim Uhl, John Abt, Pat Kitzman, and Dana Howell.


Action items

Person responsible



December Graduates & Spring Colloquium


2 students will be graduating in December.

Christine Page & Wendy Wilkerson

Commencement will be on Friday, December 18. If faculty would like to attend graduation they can register here:
There will be no Spring Colloquium this year. It will be incorporated into the CTTS Conference on April 21. A formal CHS Research Day will be added to the event.

Action items

Person responsible



RHB External Review


All faculty was provided with the summery prior to the meeting and were asked for any concerns or feedback to address the findings. Dr. Mattacola went over a few questions to get specific feedback.

  • Are program faculty sufficiently able to lead their own independent research agenda?

Esther recommended that faculty actively seek funding or build research teams that may attract funds easier.

  • What is the appropriate role of clinical fellowships as a funding mechanism for our PhD students?

Faculty agreed that some fellowships do not align with their area of study but don’t feel changes should be made at this time. Esther suggested creating TA positions for another method of funding.

  • Are we sufficiently aggressive and intentional in recruiting students into the PhD program or are we passively trying to integrate them into research once they arrive?

Posting to APS is a free source and could be a recruitment tool.
It was discussed by multiple faculty members to create two “paths” within the program, an academic path, for those who want to teach, and a research path, for those interested in research. They feel that there are different expectations from students and this would close that gap.


Action items

Person responsible



Resource persons

Carl G. Mattacola & Melissa Miller

Special notes

Please visit the RHB PhD Blog for all archived minutes and agendas.

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