Freshman English

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Freshman English

Classroom Expectations and Syllabus
Dear Parents and Student:
Please read the handouts regarding classroom expectations. Please sign, have your student sign, and return the signature page by WEDNESDAY, July 27th. Your signature acknowledges you and your student understand the rules and procedures for Freshman English.

From the Arizona Department of Education: Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards – English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects are the culmination of an extended, broad-based effort to fulfill the charge issued by the states to create the next generation of K-12 standards in order to help ensure that all students are college and career ready in literacy no later than the end of high school. Grade-specific K-12 standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language translate the broad aims of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards into age- and attainment-appropriate terms. Students who meet the standards develop the skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening that are the foundation for any creative and purposeful expression in language.

PHS is dedicated to incorporating the AZCCRS into the English 9 curriculum and increasing the rigor of our instruction.

Classroom Environment

  • Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and our school.

  • Mobile phones, laptops, tablets and notebooks will only be allowed for use in the classroom for academic, teacher directed use. Electronic devices, or any other similar type of distractions, will not be allowed in class. If we see it, it will be confiscated and sent to the office for documentation.

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the classroom, except for WATER (which is encouraged).

  • On campus, hats are only allowed to be worn outside of the buildings. Hats or caps may be confiscated if worn in the building.

  • Passes will be issued for students to leave the room on a limited/emergency basis. There are always exceptions; however, arrangements should be made to take care of personal needs between classes. Failure to meet these classroom expectations will result in

1. A documented verbal discussion

2. A phone call conference with parent

3. An administration referral. The severity of the offense may escalate the consequences.
Grading Policy and Homework

  • We will always work with every student to help him/her have success in our class. Every student has the opportunity to pass Freshman English. Every student has the opportunity to earn an A or B if he/she has discipline, puts forth 100% effort, and cares.

  • Student agendas will be provided by Perry and should be kept in backpacks and updated each day. Agenda grades will be given each week for the upkeep of the agenda.

  • Late work is not accepted in the Freshman English Department. Exceptions will be made when students utilize a “Late Pass” (students are provided 1 late pass per quarter to be attached to late assignments worth 50pts or less and submitted within 1 week of original deadline).

  • – work submitted to need to be submitted on the due date. Students who encounter difficulties submitting work to on time will be allowed to submit the assignment late for up to 24 hours; however, its grade will be reduced 10%. The assignment will not be accepted for credit beyond that time.

  • All work due and/or assigned on the day of an unexcused absence will not be allowed for make-up and will result in a score of zero.

  • Make-up work must be completed with the same amount of time after returning as the class periods/days absent from class (for example, I will allow two class periods/days to complete make-up work for two class periods/days of absences). *It is the student’s responsibility to check the teacher’s website, confirm missing work with his/her teacher, and complete make-up work/tests after an absence occurs. Show responsibility; arrange for someone to take notes, and collect handouts during an absence.

  • Each semester is worth 80% of your total semester grade. A final exam will be administered for 20% towards the overall semester grade.

  • Grades will be calculated using the standard grade scale:

*100-90% A

*89-80 B

*79-70 C

*69-60 D

*Below 60 F

Attendance and Tardies

  • Attendance is an integral part of being successful in this class. Be aware that students may be dropped from the class after ten absences following an administrative review. Please review the make-up work policy above.

  • The fourth unexcused tardy will result in an administration referral. Six tardies (unexcused or excused) will result in an administration referral.

Bring Your Own Technology

Students and parents will sign an agreement about students using their own technology in the classroom. This agreement will be discussed within the first few weeks of school. If a student does not have a signed agreement on file with PHS, he/she will not be allowed to use his/her own technology in the classroom. Use of such technology is only allowed when the teacher directs students to do so for approved academic purposes.

After School Tutoring and Late Bus

English tutoring will be held in room C206 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:20-3:15; students will have access to computers and a printer. A “Late Bus” is available after tutoring and students will only be permitted on the “Late Bus” with a signed pass from a teacher indicating that the student was with the specific teacher.


  • Perry High School Agenda (a planner that is distributed on the second day of school).

  • Lined paper, Back or blue ink pens, Pencils, Highlighters, USB flash drive (this may be used in multiple classes).

  • Binder to be used for English

  • Composition book (without spiral binding) to be used as a classroom journal and for Warm Ups.

  • Other helpful supplies: White-out, post-its, thin markers/colored pencils, glue sticks, small scissors, and a pocket dictionary/thesaurus.

We look forward to communicating with you about your student’s success. Please feel free to contact your student’s English teacher with any questions or concerns. We have found that communication via email is convenient and productive. We do need to advise you that giving student grades over the internet is not completely protected. Please let us know if you feel uncomfortable with this form of communication. Also, check our website and “Infinite Campus” (passwords coming soon) often in order to keep up with upcoming assignments and posted grades.

The Freshman English Team

Perry High School English Department

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Keahi Cambra

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