Form jcda-3 One Team, One Goal: Student Success

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Form JCDA-3

One Team, One Goal: Student Success


2016-2017 School Year

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I have received the Family Information Guide (Guide), which includes the Student Codes of Conduct and the student Interscholastic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct, and understand that I am responsible for reading and understanding this information. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their students understand this information.

I understand that this Guide contains rules that students are expected to follow at school, on school grounds; off school grounds at a school activity, function or event; going to and from school by bus or other transportation provided by the District; at school bus stops; while in any vehicle used in connection with a school function or activity; or while using the school technology resources.
I understand that students and parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that use of school technology resources, including the Internet, is in compliance with Administrative Rule IFBG-R (Technology Acceptable Use), and the appropriate Student Code of Conduct, Administrative Rule JCDA-R. A parent/guardian who has concerns regarding his/her student’s use of technology, including access to the Internet, should contact the Principal or designee.
I also understand that this Guide contains information about possible legal consequences if a student does not attend school as required by Georgia law in Section 20-2-690.1. If a child has more than five (5) unexcused absences, parents, guardians, or other persons who have control or charge of a child are subject to fines, imprisonment, community service or any combination of these penalties. Absences may also affect a student’s ability to maintain or obtain a driver’s license and to park on school property. Absences that are excused are defined by the Georgia Board of Education and are listed in Administrative Rule JB-R (Student Attendance) and may be accessed at
I hereby consent to receive autodialed and/or pre-recorded communications from or on behalf of the Cobb County School District and/or my student’s school at the telephone number(s) that my family has provided to the District and/or school, including wireless number(s), if applicable. I understand that I may opt out of receiving these communications at any time by notifying the District as described in this Guide.
If I have any questions about information contained in the Guide, I will ask a school administrator to discuss those questions with me. Failure to sign and return this form does not relieve me from complying with and understanding the information enclosed in the Guide.
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Information regarding student clubs and organizations will be available in student handbooks, school-provided information and/or on school Websites.
I decline permission for my child (under the age of 18) to participate in the following school club(s) which are defined as curriculum related student groups and all faculty-led non-curriculum related student groups which do not hold or espouse any particular religious, political, or philosophical beliefs:

I understand that I should discuss this prohibition with my student. I also understand that Administrative Rule JHC-R (School Clubs/Organizations and Student Organizations) provides more information regarding school clubs.

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