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State Board of Dental Examiners

The Committee receives referrals from the State Board of Dental Examiners and is requested to evaluate, refer to treatment and monitor certain cases. In these instances, the case is not completely confidential due to being a Board referral, rather than a self-referral.

However, the Committee still serves a very important function in terms of advocating

for the dentist who

complies with the

treatment agreement

and monitoring


Contact Information

For further information, contact Robert White (Clinical Coordinator) at 410-328-8549 or toll free at 1-888-233-9044.

Any correspondence can be directed to Robert White at

410 W. Redwood Street,

Recovery taught me

to take responsibility for myself. I don’t act impulsively and

I appreciate life today. I am grateful for the things I have today. It took a lot of pain and loss before I could learn to appreciate all

aspects of my life.”

Suite 560, Baltimore, MD 21201.

The fax number is 410-328-1132. Visit us on the web at

Dentist Well-Being Committee

A program for assisting dentists and their families with personal problems



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Columbia, MD

Dentist Well-Being Committee

6410 Dobbin Road

Columbia, MD 21045


The Committee assists dentists and their families who may be experiencing personal problems. The committee has helped many dentists over the years with problems such as stress, alcohol and drug use, depression, and other problems that may cause impairment in their lives.
This program

was awarded the Golden Apple for Excellence in Dentist Well Being Activities

by the American Dental Association (ADA). This is a national award

that is presented to

only one program per year.


The Committee provides a confidential non- disciplinary avenue

for dentists to seek appropriate help for problems. Referrals are completely confidential.

Any dentist who seeks help through the Committee can be

assured their information will be held in the strictest confidence.


When a dentist enters into a treatment agreement with the Committee and remains in compliance with all aspects of the agreement, the Committee is able

to provide written and verbal testimony and support of the dentist whenever it is needed. The most common example is when the dentist needs advocacy with regard to licensure issues. In other cases, the Committee has advocated with the court system, employers, malpractice carriers, and other institutions.

Committee Members

The Dentist Well-Being Committee consists of concerned dentists who wish to help their peers to resolve problems and maintain their ability to practice.

A Clinical Coordinator is in charge of the initial contact, evaluation, referral and monitoring.

Robert Miller, DDS, Chairman


Robert White, LCPC, Clinical Coordinator


Michael Anderson, DDS


Lenora Caldwell, DDS


Greg Hutton, DDS


Brian Muhler, DDS


Jerry Yeoumans, DDS

Advisory Member

Hal Crossley, DDS

Norbert Myslinski, PhD

Dental School Liaison

Is the Process Punitive?

NO - The Dentist Well-Being Committee acts as an advocate for the dentist with the State Board of Dental Examiners, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies, as long as the dentist is compliant with treatment.

What Happens After a Referral?

For me, getting

into recovery is changing and improving my life in significant ways.

The most impressive

change was the choices I now have in managing and coping with life experiences and with my feelings.

Family members, employees, associates or friends concerned about a dentist often contact the Dentist Well-Being Committee. Many dentists are self-referred. The Committee first determines if the dentist actually has a problem. The dentist is contacted and

urged to meet the Clinical Coordinator. If there is a problem then the dentist is referred for an evaluation.

If treatment is recommended then a treatment agreement is drawn up between the dentist and the Committee.

Is the Information Given to the

Committee Confidential?

All information held by the Dentist Well-Being Committee is considered strictly confidential. Records are kept by the Clinical Coordinator and are not at the offices of the Maryland State Dental Association. With the exception of those cases that are referred to the Committee by the State Board or those considered to be a danger to themselves or others, no information is released without the dentist’s written consent.

Family Questions

The Committee welcomes calls and questions from family members who may be concerned about a dentist. We will work confidentially to provide assistance, support and guidance about the best way to intervene and assist a dentist with a problem.

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