Follicular, plexiform of ameloblastoma? Ans: Follicular type

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口腔病理學實驗 Written Pretest (5) – Suggested Answers

1. Microscopically, what is the difference between follicular, plexiform of ameloblastoma?

Ans: Follicular type: The tumor island arranged as a separate nest or island.

Plexiform type: The tumor area is connected like a strand.
2. What is the meaning of acanthomatous change?

Ans: Acanthomatous change indicates that the squamous metaplasia of the satellite reticulum-like cells.
3. May acanthomatous change also occur in follicular, or plexiform ameloblastoma?

Ans: Yes, acanthomatous change may also occur in follicular, or plexiform ameloblastoma.

4. What is the meaning of ‘desmoplastic’ for desmoplastic ameloblastoma?

Ans: ‘Desmoplastic’ means dense fibrous connective tissue stroma with hyalination.
5. What is the difference between granular and acanthomatous ameloblastoma?

Ans.: Stellate reticulum-like cells transform to granular cells for granular ameloblastoma whilst those transform to squamous cell metaplasia for acanthomatous ameloblastoma.
6. Unicystic ameloblastoma is usually arising from which kind of pathological entity?

Ans.: Unicystic ameloblastoma is arising from the cystic lining of an odontogenic cyst such as dentigerous cyst or odontogenic keratocyst.
7. Please list the microscopic characteristics of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor?

Ans.: The microscopic pictures of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor chiefly include 1. rosette-like structure; 2. swirl appearance; 3. pseudoduct structure; 4. dentinoid substance; 5. calcification.
8. Microscopically, what is the difference between ameloblastoma and ameloblastic fibroma?

Ans.: Ameloblastoma is ectodermal origin with only ameloblastic-like and stellate reticulum-like cells whiles ameloblastic fibroma is mixed origin with not only of finger-like ameloblastic-like and satellite reticulum-like cells but also immature fibrous tissue stroma arising from dental papillae.

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