Fluoride Varnish Application – a Quick Guide You will need

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Fluoride Varnish Application – a Quick Guide
1. You will need:

  • Fluoride Varnish

  • Gauze sponges (2 x 2)

  • Small disposable brushes (e.g., Benda-Brush™)

  • Dental mouth mirrors (disposable or sterilizable)

  • Tongue blades

  • Latex/vinyl gloves

  • Flashlight (penlight size)

2. Position the child

  • For an infant – place the child on the parent’s lap with the head on the parent’s knees and the legs at the parent’s waist. Position yourself knee-to-knee with the parent, and treat the child from above the head.

  • Or, place an infant or young child on an exam table and work from above the head

  • Or, adapt a method that works for you.

3. Apply the varnish

  • Using gentle finger pressure, open the child’s mouth.

  • Clean and dry the teeth with a gauze sponge. The teeth must be dry.

  • Use your fingers and sponges to isolate the dry teeth and keep them dry. You will usually be able to isolate a quadrant of teeth at a time, and you will have fewer teeth to work with in younger children.

  • Apply a thin layer of varnish to all surfaces of the teeth.

  • Once it is applied, the varnish sets quickly – you need not worry about moisture (saliva) contamination.

  • Repeat the varnish application every six months or at the appropriate interval depending on the child’s assessed level of risk for developing dental decay.

4. Instruct the parent/caregiver. Remind the parent:

  • The child should eat a soft, non-abrasive diet for the rest of the day.

  • The child’s teeth should not be brushed until the next day.

  • The child’s teeth will not be shiny and may have an off-color (depending on the product) until the next day.

  • Review the age-appropriate information sheet you provide for more information about varnish and good oral health habits

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