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Indexed October 2007


(with minor updates March 2012)

Architect’s files and reports.
1a). Andrew Anderson’s and other correspondence files

Structural Plumbing 1942 – 1978.

Electrical work 1964-1967

Correspondence with George Pace 1964 to 1972. Large folder.

Bell Reports, 1930 – 68, 1970 – 76, 1990.

Bell Foundry letters 1969 – 2000.

Bells (Structural Engineer) 1974 – 1998

Bells (Ringing Master) 1970 – 1995.

Bell foundry, plans and options, 1972 – 1994.

Architect’s quinquennial inspections and reports 1974-2002.

Bells (Quantity Surveyor) 1993-2000

Processional Cross and Torches 1974-1988.

Cloakroom / Virgers’ office, 1974-1983.

S Transept Bookstall 1974-1989

Lightening conductors 1974 – 1991.

Roofs 1974 – 1991. Drains 1977 – 1991.

Architect’s Liason Committee Minutes 1975-1988

Notices / Signwriting 1976 – 1999.

Saint’s Chapel 1977-86

Disabled access 1978 – 93.

Site Meeting Minutes, 1978-1982.

Windows: S.Transept, N.Transept, Tower, 1986-1990 and (S) Lady Chapel 2000.

Asbestos removal 1987 – 1989, Internal cleaning 1987-1989

Damage and Vandalism 1990-94, Store and Laundry 1993.

Bundle of cleaning bills, Oct 1999 - Feb 2000.
1b). Andrew Anderson’s Chapter House files 1978-1998

Chapter House Site Oscar Faber, 1978.

Chapter House architect’s correspondence 1980 – 1982

Chapter House correspondence Leaking Roof 1982 – 1989

Chapter House leaks, Lawrence Butterfield 1989, lead corrosion, Whitfield 1989

Chapter House Roof (Defects) 1982 – 1991.

Chapter House Roof 1988 - 1989

Chapter House Roof 1990

Chapter House Roof 1991 – 1993

Chapter House architect’s final accounts 1990 -1998

Chapter House Roof, Caroe & Martin proposals 1990.

Chapter House Roof, Caroe & Martin plans 1990.

Chapter House roof leaks 1990-94 (see box file for reports)

Chapter House correspondence, Leaks and Drains 1984 – 89

2a). Architect’s correspondence files

Fire precautions, etc. 1973 – 1993.

Fabric general 1974 – 1977.

Fabric general 1978 – 1982.

Fabric general 1983 – 1986.

Fabric general 1987 – 1993.

Fabric general 1993 – 2003.


Relocation of coffins from S aisle 2003

Boiler House 1993

Toilets 1995-99

Cloister arcade 1995

Security alarm 1997

Triforium hand rails 1996-7, roof rails 2003-07.

Heating system 1999

General 1995-2000

Nave roof and Clerestory repairs 1978 – 1984.

Slype survey notes 1980.

Michael Stair 1984 – 1989.

Orchard House / Lane, Mr Dunn, 1987 – 1992.

Wall Paintings, mostly Perry Lithgow, 1990 – 1999.

Fabric, mostly west front, 1991 – 1992.

English Heritage 1991 – 1999.

Tower repairs 1992 – 1997.

Saint’s chapel photos, feretory removed, Plowman Craven & Assnts. 1992

Stone store 1993 – 2000.

Electrical Installation Tests, repairs, 1994 – 1995.

Report on the Hot Water System, Oscar Faber Ltd 1995

North Transept, east face 1995 – 1997.

Giffen’s report on Electrics and periodic testing Dec 1996.

Conservation Report on the Victorian Floor Tiles, Jackfield, 1997

2b). Architect’s correspondence files

Orchard House Lane 1991-96

Report on the tower ceiling paintings, Pauline Plummer. 1992

Wall paintings. Light readings St Albans Museums. 1993

Health and Safety, British Engine Insurance Ltd, 1994

Bells and Tower, NHLF 1995 and subsequent.

Bells, Heritage Lottery Application 1995.

Orchard Concerts 1996-98

Nave Chairs 1997-99

Duke Humphrey’s chantry 1992-2000

Accessibility Audit, John H. Penton, 1997

Discovery Space, Bills of quantities form, 1998

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey, Geo-Services, 1999

Loan of old West doors to V&A 2000-2004

Dry Riser, south transept 2001-2003

Disabled Access, west end 2001-2002

Great Tower project description (CFCE), Engineer’s and Archaeologist’s reports, 2003 (for plans, see separate file)

3a). Architect’s correspondence files

Wax House Garden. Correspondence re shop development 1985-95.

Nave Project: report of feasibility study, R.Griffiths, May 2006 (2 copies)

Sketches and correspondence re floor cable ducts in nave, R.Griffiths, Oct. 2006.

Presbytery Vault 1997-2000, general correspondence.

Mensa, north transept 1993-2000, general correspondence, sketches, &c.

Correspondence between Architect (Whitfield) and Archaeologist (Biddle) 1978-82.

See also:

On cabinets in room A.

Box File (1), Wall Paintings, 1996-2003; Presbytery Vault, Bays 2 To 5, 1998-2002; Alban Panel, S Presbytery Aisle, With Paint Samples, 2002; South Ambulatory Lighting Tender, 2003; Relic , 2002-2003.

Box File (2), Old Bell Schemes, 1981 To 1995; Vintry Garden, 1990 To 2003; Millennium Beacon, 1999; Johnny English, 2002.

Box File (3), Exterior Stonework, South Ambulatory and Retrochoir, 2003-07, & North Ambulatory, Antechapel & Lady Chapel, 2007.

Box file (4), Reordering the Nave, 2008 on.

Box file (5), Bishop’s Staff Minutes, 1983-85

Box file, English Heritage grants &c 1991-2001, Sumpter Yard Banner 1993-2001.

Box file, Saint’s Chapel lift 2001-06, Lady Chapel interior cleaning 2004-06, Lighting proposals 2001-04.

3b). Old Fabric Files

Fabric I (1)
For survey of 1548 see photocopy from ‘The Reliquary’ vol. xiv 1873-4 in file Furniture I.

A summary account of the foundation of the Abbey and its condition, produced for the appeal for funds c.1682. (Given by the Du Cane family 1991) Original, photocopy and transcription.

Also some notes from the Abbey Magazine 1903..

Paper by A.V.B.Gibson re rafters from Parkbury farm barn (Herts Arch 4, 1974-6); possibly from the Abbey’s Norman nave roof, with covering letter from St Albans Museums.

Fabric I (2)

The State of the Fabric in 1827.
Two letters from the Bishop of London dated 16 & 13/7 1827 re the above.
See also reports by Lewis Wyatt outside the file.


Fabric I (3)

Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester
Copy of inscription painted on the wall filling the east end of the South Choir Aisle made in 1872, commemorating Humphrey Duke of Gloucester.

Photocopy of paper by Frank D. Millard, ‘An Analysis of the Epitaphium eiusdem Ducis Gloucestrie’, The Fifteenth Century: Vol III – Authority and Subversion. ed. Linda Clark, pp.117-136. Woodbridge, 2003

Exchange of letters June-July 1992 with Seamus Ross re wall painting in Humphrey’s vault.

Translation of the inscription by Patrick O’Keefe and comment, 1998.

Family tree of Humphrey Duke of Gloucester.

Photocopy of ‘The Duke in Pickle’, M. Tomkins, ?Hertfordshire Countryside, 1985.

Photocopy of ‘The Fayrey Pall’, now in V&A, Dunstable Priory.

Photocopy of drawing of inscription to be cut in chantry floor, Cardozo Kindersley, 28/4/1999.

Four papers read to Centre for Christian Studies, Craske, Kelsall, Thomas & Towle, 4/3/2000.
Fabric I (4)

Dimensions 1872-73.
Letters dated 17/12/1872 and 3/10/1873 re the dimensions of the Abbey.

Letter dated 8/5/1878 from Sir Edmund Beckett (later Lord Grimthorpe) re the above.

Fabric I (5)

Lady Chapel
Copy of Draft Conveyance of Lady Chapel and adjoining garden dated 15/12/1870. (Original now in Deeds File).

Account for repairs 1875-82.

Photocopied extracts from Newcome re tombs / burials.

Preliminary correspondence July-Sept 1999 re cleaning.

Fabric I (6)

Restoration and Repair 1870-1900.
List of Gorhambury papers at the Record Office (now Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies – “HALS”) 1856-78, ref. D/EV Q1-5.

References to St Albans in The Builder 1867-74, RIBA Library, (George Atkinson).

Receipt for meeting in Willis’s Rooms 22/6/1871.

Three letters from G.G.Scott dated Aug 1871, with one from his clerk and one from Lord Verulam.

Miskin’s account and estimate dated 11/3/1872.

Cutting from Illustrated London News showing reconstructed shrine 4/1/1873.

Bundle of payment slips to John Chapple 1873-77.

Bundle of receipts relating to the Shrine Restoration 1872-75.

Two receipts for compensation from the occupiers of Abbey Cottage.

Letter from John Chapple dated 31/7/1873 re Purbeck marble steps.

Paper by John Chapple on the Restoration (Trans SAHAAS) Feb 1874.

Estimate from Burleson & Grylls dated 1/6/1875 re ceiling panels.

Balance sheet of the Reparation Fund for 1875.

Two pages out of an exercise book belonging to H.J.Toulmin, with a note re Grimthorpe’s destruction of some papers.

War of words between Scott and Beckett (Grimthorpe) 1877-79 re windows in South Aisle.

James Neale, ‘Architectural Notes on St Albans Abbey’ (17 Dec. 1877), RIBA Transactions, (1877-8), 66-87.

Fabric I (7)

Restoration and Repair 1870-1900.
Photocopies from Building News Mar, May and July 1978 re restoration of nave.

Photocopied articles from the Architect, 27/10/1878, Builder, 4&11/5/1878, Engineer, 21/9/1878 re the ‘screwing up of the nave’.

Notice of meeting of £100 subscribers on 10/8/1878.

Two lists of subscribers to the Restoration Fund dated 24/4/1878 and 13/3/1879.

Some manuscript notes by H.J.Toulmin about action over the Norman turrets.

Plan of Rectory (now Deanery), Building News, 21/11/1879.

Notice re the Opening of the Nave on 21/10/1885.

Obituary of John Chapple, Herts Ad., Feb 1887, and note re gravestone, 26/8/1999.

Two accounts from Longmire & Burge dated Christmas 1893.

Paper by Frank Kilvington The Abbey Restoration 1871-80, 1970s.

List of dates of work at St Albans Abbey, G.G.Scott and Chapple,
See also Lawrance correspondence, Grimthorpe’s book, Aldenham’s books and the scrap-books, papers on shelf B by Ridgway Lloyd on the Choir Ceiling, and John Chapple on the Restoration.
Fabric II
Copies of Lewis Wyatt’s Report and Estimate of 1818 and a further Estimate of 1827.

Bundle of photocopied extracts re the building from The Builder, 1875 to 1880.

Fabric III (1)

Work on the Belfry Floor and Tower Ceiling 1930, the Presbytery ceiling

and windows 1930-35, nave ceiling and the Watching Loft 1930-35.
Large bundle of correspondence re repairs to the Presbytery ceiling and windows from Survey dated 30/5/1930 to Miskin’s account dated July 1931.

Outline specification of work and materials in repairs to presbytery ceiling c.1930.

Plan of proposed alterations to the presbytery roof, undated.

Report by J.C.Rogers on work on the Tower June-Sept 1930, with sketch plan and letters.

Report by J.C.Rogers on roofs in general, with letters 1930-1931.

Bundle of correspondence re work done on the Watching Loft 1930 - 1933, and 2 letters dated Feb 1931 re gates thereto.

Letter from Rogers dated 26/2/1932 re result of wood investigation, with reply.

Letters from E.W.Tristram and Charity Commission re photographing work done, Nov 1933.

Five letters dating Mar-April 1935 re insecticide, ref also rainwater pipes (see 1930s file).

Miskin’s account for the insecticide job dated May 1935.

Letter from Rogers dated 8/11/1935 and account dated 20/12/1935.

Drawing (undated) plan of the Presbytery and angle with the North Transept.

Talk by Rogers to the St Albans and Herts Arch. & Arch. Soc re the Presbytery ceiling and Saint’s Chapel 1931. (Transactions, pp.121-136)

Talk by Rogers to the St Albans and Herts Arch. & Arch. Soc re the Tower repairs 1930.

Letter from Mrs Brinsden about her father, blacksmith F.Wright with photo.

for Watching Loft, see also Abbey Blotter 1933 - article by Rogers.


Fabric III (2)

Work on the Tower 1932 - 1945
Bundle of correspondence 1932-45, Rogers with Building Research Station, re tower plaster and pointing.

Letters 1943 from Forsyth and Cecil Brown re inadvisability of cement pointing.

Fabric III (3)

Alterations to the Saint’s Chapel 1932.
Letter from C.Oldrid Scott dated 26/9/1921 re alterations to the Shrine.

Petition for Faculty (undated) to erect altar, remove wall arcading and make steps.

Faculty dated 29/4/1932 (copy).

Letter from G.C.Hartwright dated 15/3/1932 re the application.

Letter from Hartwright dated 29/4/1932 re posting the citation.

Account from Miskin’s June-Sept 1932 for alterations (see also furniture).

Fabric IV (1)

Reports and work on the Nave Corbels and on the woodwork 1933.
Bundle of reports etc from 1/2/1933 to 7/7/1934 re work on Nave corbels and Choir ceiling.

Mr Rogers’ report of Oct 1933 on drains and gullies (see also letter March 1933 in Presbytery envelope).

Two reports from the Building Research Station on plaster dated 12/12/1933 and 9/5/1934.

Some notes on the preservation of oak (undated).

Fabric IV (2)

Reports and Repairs 1930-38 (see also III [1])
Report from Miskin and Rice dated 28/8/1931 re the lightning conductors.

Account from Miskin’s 1933 re Vestry alterations.

Estimate and account from Miskin’s dated Aug and Sept 1934 re screens.

Reports of the sub-committee on Draughts and Heating 1934-35.

Estimate from Miskin’s dated 20/5/1935 re repair to steps.

Account from J.C.Rogers dated June 1935 re fabric survey.

Account from Rogers dated Dec 1937.

Report by Rogers dated 1/10/1937 re windows and ventilation.

Report by Rogers dated 1/10/1937 re access doors to roofs, with drawings.

Comments from S.H.Ashworth dated 19/10/1937 on the above two letters.

Report of the Building Research Station dated 22/12/1937 re material for filling the matrices of brasses, with reply.

Letter from Rogers dated 25/3/1938 re movement of masonry near Watkins’ office.

Letter from Rogers dated 14/5/1938 re purchase of some 13-C woodwork and 18-C manuscript volume on the Abbey and precincts.

Letter from C.Oldrid Scott dated 13/4/1938 with an interesting list of drawings sent to Dean, including probable reference to Van der Meulen vault (2 copies).

Account from Rogers for 1938.

Talk given by Charles Jones to the Arch & Arch in 1937 re the history of Abbey repairs.

See also Drainage and Heating files.


Fabric IV (3)

Repairs and proposals 1900-30
Letter from J. Oldrid Scott dated 19/10/1905 re proposed vaulting in the North Nave Aisle.

Circular and list of subscribers to the same.

Two accounts dated Dec 1907, one for general maintenance and one for new oak doors.

Plan (J.Oldrid Scott), correspondence, photos and subscription book for the proposed vaulting of the North Nave Aisle, 1915.

Two accounts from Miskins for cleaning and repairs dated 1913 and 1915.

Bank book for Memorial Chapel a/c 1920-22.

Two accounts from C.M.Oldrid Scott for works done 1921-22.

Letter from C.M.Oldrid Scott dated 12/6/1923 re his appointment.

General report by Scott dated 27/9/1923.

Report by Sir Henry Tanner dated 7/9/1926 on cracks in the South Transept Clerestory. and exchange of letters November 1926 re the above.

Estimate from Miskins dated 16/3/1927 for cleaning.

Letter from Mothers’ Union dated 30/11/1928 re donations (see Petition under Faculties).

Letter from Clerk of the Peace dated 10/12/1928 re War Memorial accounts.

Letter from Mr Gamlen dated 26/2/1930 re creation of Mothers’ Union Chapel, with list of furnishings.

Account from Miskins for work done June 1924 to Jan 1926.
Fabric V (1)

The Second World War
Copy of report from Chief Fire Officer dated 12/8/1938 re fire appliances etc.

Letter from Mr Rogers dated 7/10/1938 re general needs and air raid precautions.

Letter from Mr Rogers dated 23/1/1939 re air raid precautions.

Letter from Felix J. Lander dated 1/8/1939 re sandbagging and re decay in the butresses of the Presbytery clerestory.

Estimate by Surveyor for various work needed undated ?1940.

Letter from the Chief Fire Officer dated 8/3/1940 re water arrangements.

Bundle of letters dated 1942-43 re removal of railings, establishing a static water tank and observation post.

Surveyor’s report dated Dec 1944.

Letter from Town Clerk re discontinuance of Fire Watching, 25/4/1945.

Letter from Chapter Clerk dated 1/10/1947 re compensation for wartime loss of Abbey railings.

Letter from Ministry of Works dated 29/12/1947 settling the claim.

Letter from Sir Herbert Baker & Scott dated 16/12/1946 re a proposed chapel.

Fabric V (2a)

Sundry items 1950-1966
The Tower Bundle dated Sep-Dec 1951 re the Tower Ceiling.

Nine copies of a Times offprint dated 18/12/1951 re work on interior of the tower.

Two MS pages re materials used on external work 1956.

Mr Brown’s accounts dated 1955 and 1956.

Letter from George Pace dated 4/3/1963 re the water tank.

Two letters and a drawing re inscription for the Tower June/Aug 1966.

The Saint’s Chapel Bundle of correspondence re furnishings, mostly with Mr Pace dated 1963-69.

High Altar Screen Proposal for cleaning (undated - 2 copies).

Bundle re cleaning, with Times article and photos 25/11/1966.

Note recording details of cleaning operation dated 30/11/1966 (2 copies).


Fabric V (2b)

Sundry items 1966-1970
Ramryge Chantry Bundle re inscription 1967.

Correspondence re re-ordering 1995-97.

Paper with general information, 2007.

Letter dated 3/7/1950 designating the Abbey a Building of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

Letter from Mr Pace dated 15/5/1963 re the staircase to the organ loft.

Letter and plan from Mr Pace dated 16/10/1963 re various minor works.

Six Warden’s reports from Mr Perrycoste 1964-1965.

Letter from Diocesan Board of Finance dated 19/12/1966 re Partnership Scheme.

Bundle 1969-70 re rainwater pipes with plan March 1969.

Letter from Mr Pace dated 4/6/1970 re sundry items.

Report on Fabric by Mr Perrycoste dated March 1972.

Article from Herts Countryside July 1972, ‘Restoration’ of St Albans Abbey by R.Pearsall.

Paper Totternhoe Stone & Flint in Herts. Churches, E.Roberts, 1974 reprint.

Article on Totternhoe quarry from Leighton Buzzard Gazette, 2/9/2003.

Fabric V (3)

Architect’s Reports 1963-1969 (incomplete series)
Some other reports are to be found among the minutes of the Dean’s Council and Cathedral Council.


Fabric VI (1)

Architectural Survey 1974
This was the beginning of an extensive repair programme lasting until 1984, the papers for which are in the files in room A.

Architect’s Provisional Repair Programme dated Dec 1975, based on above.

Fabric VII (1)

Article by E.Roberts ‘The 20th-C restoration of St Albans Abbey’, Herts Countryside, March 1980.

Notes on maintenance dated 1984.

Account of repairs 1985-90 dated October 1986.

Correspondence with solicitors re asbestos hazard due to BBC damage, 1987.

Letter to Whitfield (archts) dated 22/9/1987 re Chapter House Refectory.

St Albans Cathedral Survey, Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission, 1991.

Report on the Fabric June 1991 by Andrew Anderson (2 copies)

Photocopy paper ‘The St Albans Watching Chamber: a Re-assessment’, Charles Tracy, Journal of the BAA 1992.

Note dated Feb 1996 from the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England re inventory, defining ‘outstanding interest’.

Letter from Prof. M.Cooper dated 28/3/1996 defining ownership and copyright of plans, photos and other archival material.

Note re Assignment of Copyright to Dean and Council of photographs of the shrine canopy, 1993.

Dendrochronology report on belfry & tower ceiling by Gavin Simpson & R.Howard, 1994. (filed outside folder)

2 letters from A.Anderson re photogrammetric plots of north transept, 12/9/1996 (see actual plots in Switch Room).

Notes on the masonry of the north transept, east face, by Robin Sanderson, 19/6/1997.

Specimen inventory sheet for recording worked stone, Prof. Richard Morris, 13/6/1999.

Photocopied extract from Medieval Decorative Ironwork by Jane Geddes re St Albans. 1999.

Offprint of article ‘Villard de Honnecourt and Masons’ Marks’ by Jenny Alexander, in Villard’s Legacy: Studies in Medieval Technology, Science and Art, Avista (Ashgate, 2004).
Fabric VII (2)

The Glass Doors at the West End 1986-88
Plan by A.Anderson with letter dated 18/6/1986.

Correspondence with Pilkington dated July 1986 re supply of glass at cost.

Correspondence dated July-Oct 1986 re commissioning of David Peace for engraving.

Bundle of correspondence dated 1986-88 mainly with Peace & Scott, Bryant Lang architects (later dismissed), Pilkingtons and contractors T&W Ide Ltd, re completion of project.

Two letters of critisism dated Nov and Oct 1988.

Letter to Kenneth London dated 16/8/1991 re articles about the doors.


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