Fcspa adviser spring business meeting minutes

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Virtual Meeting – WebEx

April 7, 2017, 4:00 – 5:00 pm

CALL to ORDER & Welcome S. Lizabeth Martin
ITEM 1. Fall Conference/ Business Meeting Minutes
Discussion: The minutes from the October 14, 2016 business meeting were reviewed and approved.
Data source: October 14, 2016 Minutes presented via e-mail on March 31, 2017.
Action: Minutes were unanimously approved with a motion by Elena Jarvis and seconded by Jackie Zuromski.
ITEM 2. Budget Update

Discussion: Kelly Warren reported $280.27 balance in the FCSPA account. We paid hotel attrition charges that added additional fees to the conference budget. The food & beverage contract minimum is $10,000. In addition, hotel rates are higher in the Disney area and organizations, like our own, have very little negotiation power—Altamonte Springs, Ocala, and Tampa may be better locales. Thus, this year’s hotel reservation block would be based on 2016-numbers. We may want to revisit conference site locations at the fall conference.

Data source: Publications Conference & State Office, 2016 – 2017 Summary (via email, March 31)
Action: None

ITEM 3. President’s Report

Discussion: No report this spring. The FCSAA Executive Board meeting will meet on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. This will be Lizabeth Martin’s first year in attendance.

Data Source: n/a
Action: None
ITEM 4. OLD Business

A. Conference Coordinator Position

Discussion: Wendy Whitt’s combined Conference Coordinator/Contest Coordinator position would be a $5,000 stipend and the President’s stipend would be reduced to $500. Additionally, boxed lunches rather than buffet-style luncheon would save additional monies. In all, with other budgetary cuts, we could afford to pay the contest/conference coordinator without increasing registration fees. Rob Marino would come up with the exact wording for the position’s responsibilities and duties.

Data source: Publications Conference & State Office, 2016 – 2017 Summary
Action: Electronic Vote necessary—Survey Monkey. Not enough members in attendance (virtual) for quorum.
B. Conference Review

Discussion: Members & students were pleased with Yoga, on-the-spot contests, Karaoke and the DJ/music. Last year, we were able to use an outside vendor for the A/V Tech support. The hotel’s in-house contractor costs were 2 – 3 times our actual expenses. However, we were required to use their microphones. Elena Jarvis has 100+ goodie bags left over that can be reused for this year’s conference.

Data source: n/a
Action: None
ITEM 5. NEW Business

A. Conference Registration (2017) Fees

Discussion: With the proposed increase in the Contest/Conference Coordinator position, there is no need to increase registration costs to attend this year’s event. Student registration will remain at $130 per person. The contest fees will remain at $50 per institution for each newspaper, and $50 per institution for each magazine submitted for competition.

Data source: n/a
Action: Electronic Vote necessary to approve Contest and Conference Coordinator position duties and stipend.
B. Student of the Month/Hall-of-Fame nominations

Discussion: Members are encouraged to submit student nominations for the Student of the Month. Elena Jarvis has been submitting students and these students receive a formal acknowledgement letter to their college to congratulate them. Student of the Month nominations are accepted during the fall and spring terms. Additionally, Kelly Warren will provide the President with additional information and/or paperwork for the Hall of Fame nominations.

Data source: n/a
Action: None
C. Conference Volunteers

Discussion: Upon approval of the Contest/Conference position, Wendy Whitt would coordinate workshop speakers, keynote address speaker, volunteers, sponsors, and the contest judges. Conference coordinator will also be responsible for the student activities and entertainment. Conference coordinator will solicit members of the FCSPA to assist with workshops, registration and all other aspects of the conference as needed.

Data source: n/a
Action: None
D. 2017 Contest & Digital Entries

Discussion: The fall business meeting Minutes were incomplete and members could not recall the fall discussion with regard to adding and/or deleting contest categories. As such, all contest categories will remain the same. All entries will be submitted digitally. Contest coordinator will update online forms. Magazine Design and Magazine Editing entries will also submit a hard copy via traditional mail. Contest entry fees should be send to Tallahassee in the future.

Data source: October 14, 2016 Minutes presented via e-mail on March 31, 2017.
Action: None
OTHER. FALL Conference Information
The fall conference dates are October 11 – 14, 2017 at the Holiday Inn, Disney Springs.
Hotel reservations are due by September 20, 2017. A limited number of rooms have been reserved so, book early. Holiday Inn-Disney Springs rates are $129/night.
Contest deadlines: Newspapers on or before June 1. Magazines on or before July 1.

Adjournment. Jackie Zuromski motioned. Melissa Alling seconded, and passed unanimously.

Elena Jarvis, Daytona State College

Melissa Alling, College of Central Florida-Citrus Campus

Rob Marino, College of Central Florida-Ocala Campus

S. Lizabeth Martin, FCSPA president, Palm Beach State College

Jackie Zuromski, Valencia College

Kelly Warren, FCSAA Executive Director
Submitted by:

S. Lizabeth Martin, FCSPA President

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