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FCSPA Adviser Meeting MINUTES

57th Annual FCSPA Conference and Awards Banquet

Holiday Inn—Disney Springs

October 14, 2016

A. Call to Order & Welcome

Elena Jarvis and Carmen Bucher

B. Approval of Spring Meeting Minutes


C. Budget Update

Belinda Wheatcroft for Kelly Warren

Saved money in the budget by switching to the new awards. Good.
D. President’s Report

Elena Jarvis

E. Old Business
1. Conference Coordinator Position

Discussion: Are there any FCSPA members who might want to take on the task for a stipend that would be determined later? Holding the conference at a college campus would enable us to afford $2,000 – 3,000 for the coordinator’s position. We would not have a minimum food service fee, setup fees or a minimum hotel block to guarantee. Kelly Warren highly recommends the move if we continue to lose money on our conferences. Wendy Whitt’s combined Conference Coordinator/Contest Coordinator position would be a $5,000 stipend, taking a portion of the President’s stipend. Lizabeth Martin (newly elected president) would assume some or partial coordinator duties as an additional option.

F. New Business
1. Election of new President, Vice-President and Secretary

Discussion: Lizabeth Martin of Palm Beach State has volunteered to be president; Kevin Arms, Lake-Sumter State College has volunteered to be the new vice-president. And, Carmen Bucher of Miami-Dade-Kendall has volunteered to be secretary. There were not any other potential candidates for those positions.

a. Terms of office: two (2) years. The president receives a $1,800 annual stipend. Normally the vice-president assumes office after the president’s term ends.
b. Many thanks to Elena Jarvis, Daytona State, and Melissa Alling, College of Central Florida, for doing a superb job this past term.
2. Student of the Month/Hall-of-Fame nominations

Elena Jarvis and Belinda Wheatcroft

3. Conference Location, 2017 & 2018

Discussion: There was a discussion on the pros and cons of having the Conference on HCC’s campus and staying within the Tampa area Holiday Inn Westshore community. Concerns were expressed about the local businesses—strip clubs, safety and budgetary issues. Additionally, members discussed renegotiating Holiday Inn-Disney Springs again. No final action was taken… the budget numbers will need to be calculated to determine final gains or deficits for this year’s conference.

4. 2017 Contest & Digital Entries

Discussion: Remove Best Ad Design category and add Best Headline to newspaper category. Less popular categories included two newspaper categories. Each lacked full participation—comic strip and editorial cartoon. New suggested categories include 1) Headlines and 2) Infographics.

Contest Coordinator’s Report: Contest entry fees should be send to Tallahassee in the future.
5. Spring Adviser’s Meeting

Discussion: Until final conference numbers are determined, the tentative spring meeting date is TBD. February 2017 had been mentioned as the meeting month.

OTHER: Adjournment by Elena Jarvis
Attendees: Wednesday, 14 present. Thursday, 19 present.

Elena Jarvis, FCSPA president, Daytona State College

Carmen Bucher, FCSPA secretary, Miami-Dade College-North Campus

Jennifer Shapiro-Sack, Broward College

Vicky Santiesteban, Broward College

Melissa Alling, College of Central Florida-Citrus Campus

Rob Marino, College of Central Florida-Ocala Campus

Jennifer Mazur, College of Central Florida-Ocala Campus

Bruce Cook, Daytona State College

Troy Appling, Florida Gateway College

Rick Gaspar, Hillsborough Community College

Kevin Arms, Vice-President-elect, Lake Sumter College

Manolo Barco, Miami-Dade College

Eric Cornish, Miami-Dade College

Ivonne Lamazares, Miami-Dade College-Hialeah Campus

S. Lizabeth Martin, President-elect, Palm Beach State College

Kaitlyn Downing, Pasco-Hernando State College

Paula Ingram, Pensacola State College

Cindy Kuropas, St. Petersburg College

Nicolette Costantino, Tallahassee Community College

Jackie Zuromski, Valencia College

Belinda Wheatcroft (FCSAA executive assistant)

Wendy Whitt (Contest Coordinator)

Submitted by:

S. Lizabeth Martin, FCSPA President

c. Minutes Distribution List

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