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330. Josef Franz Peter Rhomberg was born 29 Jun 1745 to 660. Franz Josef Rhomberg and 661. Margaretha Ratz; married

331. Maria Barbara Albrich, born 31 Oct 1756 to 662. Michael Albrich and 663. Katharina Rhomberg

352. William Moore was born Ireland; married 353. Elizabeth Banford

354. James Trumbull; married 355. Mary McMullen

356. Henry Hays; married 357. Margaret Williams

360. Henry Moulder was born between 1765 and 1768, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC to 720. John Mohler/Moler/Moulder/Mohlar and 721. Susannah “Susa” Swingle; died 17 Sep 1855, White Co., TN; married ca 1794, Rowan Co., NC to

361. Mary Margaret MNU, born ca 1772, Orange Co., NC; died ca 1850, Hickory Valley, Hardeman, TN
1850 Census – Van Buren Co., TN

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362. Peter Keppel, Jr. was born ca 1760, NC to 724. Johann Peter Keppel, Sr., and 725. Anna Elisabetha Grobb; died 21 Oct. 1852, Bedford Co., TN; married 20 May 1794, Rowan Co., NC to

363. Maria Barbara Grappin
1850 Census – Bedford Co., TN

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364. Richard Jones was born 8 Jun 1766, NC; died 14 Aug 1837, Sumner Co., TN; married 29 Dec 1785, NC to

365. Mary Buchanan, born ca 1768, Augusta Co., VA to 730. Archibald Buchanan and 731. Agnes Bowen; died ca 1845, White Co., IL
Will of Richard Jones - 18 May 1827. Going to journey to Alabama. Have already given my children equal share namely, Jane Stephens, Polly Hammond, Nancy Jones, Squire Jones, Fortunathus Jones, Betsy Kizer, Celia Turentine, Cynthia Richardson. Wife Mary Jones land I live on. Daughter Mahala Summer Jones. 3 sons William B. Jones, Richard Jones, and James Buchanan Jones. Appoints Wm. B., Richard, and James B. Jones as executors. Proved Oct. 1837. (P.224)
376. Matthew Harris, died 1727; married 377. Elizabeth Tate

384. William Abbett was born ca 1720 to 768. Roger Abbett and 769. Ann Waddington; d. between Sep 1761 and Apr 1762; married to

385. Elizabeth MNU
Roger, b. 31 Dec 1743; m. 1770 to Ann Delaney


192 Daniel







396. William J. Parks was born 11 Jan 1775, Wilkes Co., GA to 792. George Parks (born Ireland) and 793. Catherine Dunlap; m. 10 Dec 1795, Wilkes Co., to

397. Mary Callaway, born 7 Feb 1773, Anson Co., NC to 794. Job Callaway and 795. Mary MNU (Job was a great grandson of Peter Callaway, b. 1649, Somerset Co., MD – Job < Edward [xxx] < Job [xxx] < Peter [xxx] – an extensive Callaway genealogy is available at Known children of William Parks and Mary Callaway were:
Eunice, b. 6 Sep 1797, m. 16 Sep 1813 to Leroy Sale

Job, b. 1 Dec 1799, Wilkes Co.; m. 8 Apr 1823, Wilkes Co., to Ann Hatcher.

198 Levi, b. 24 Aug 1802, Washington, Wilkes, GA; m. 29 Mar 1821, Masington, Wilkes, GA to Martha Riddle.

Eli, b. 1 Feb 1805, Wilkes Co.; m. 3 Dec 1825, Wilkes Co., to Elizabeth Hudspeth.

Isaac, b. 15 Jan 1809, Wilkes Co.; m. 1 Apr 1834 to Lucinda C. Chipman.

Nancy, b. 10 Aug 1810; m. 22 Jul 1828 to William Lee.

400. Caleb Smith was born ca 1759, Onslow Co., NC to 800. Samuel Smith; Caleb was married to

401. Mary MNU (possibly Simmons); Known children of Caleb and Mary Smith:
200 Daniel, b. ca 1786, NC;


Caleb Jr., m. Penelope Keys





Esther, m. Parsons
Caleb was a Revolutionary War soldier as well as his father, Samuel Smith. In 1804, Caleb gave his son Samuel 70 acres of land (as recorded in the Onslow County Deed Book of 1804) on Cohorn Swamp which had been left to Caleb by his father. In Caleb’s will, dated 1811, it stated that he was leaving his estate to his sons. He later added a codicil giving a small part of the estate to his daughters. The will was proven and probated February 1811. Caleb’s son Samuel was not listed in the will.

404/412. Richard Foscue Sr. was born ca 1745 to 808/824. Simon Fortescue; d. ca 1779; his first wife was

405/413. Leah MNU. Known children of Richard and Leah Foscue:

Richard Jr., b. 8 Sep 1768, Trent River, Craven, NC; d. before 5 Dec 1823, Trent River.

Thomas, b. 20 Sep 1770.

202/206 William, b. 20 Sep 1776, Craven Co., NC; m. ca 1805, NC to Mary McClendel Smith

Richard Sr. had a second wife named Sarah Slade and their children were Benjamin, Simon, Hetible, Martha and Dorcas. Richard Jr. had 12 children (born between 1787 and 1815) from three marriages. His first wife’s name was either Margaret or Leah (maiden name unknown); his second wife was Jane Carroway; and May Smith was his third wife.

424. Jeremiah King was born ca 1764, Pittsylvania/Henry Co., VA to 848. Joseph M. King (b. VA) and 849. Elizabeth MNU; d. after 1833, KY; married

425. Hannah/Susannah (?) MNU, born VA. Known children of Jeremiah and Hannah King (actual order of births not yet known):
Easter, m. 1803, Madison Co., KY to James Howard.

Joseph Henry, b. ca 1790, KY; d. St Louis, MO; m. 20 Nov 1820, Estill Co., to Rhoda Townsend.

Jeremiah, Jr., m. 30 May 1815, Estill Co., KY to Nancy Forkner, daughter of Henry Forkner and Frances Howell.

Samuel Sr., b. ca 1798, KY; m. 4 Mar 1816, Estill Co., to Polly Howard.

Mary (Polly), m. 17 Jan 1817, Estill Co., to John Hightower.

Sally, m. 1 Apr 1818, Estill Co., to Joseph Ketcham.

Susanna, m. 14 Oct 1819, Estill Co., to James Forkner.

John, m. 13 Apr 1827, Estill Co., to Lucy Lilly; 2m. 1838, Estill Co., to Jane Skinner.

William, b. ca 1810; m. 20 Apr 1838 to Nancy Eleanor Hawkins, daughter of John Hawkins & Polly Barnes

Nancy Rainey, b. ca 1811, Estill Co.; m. 4 Sep 1824, Clark Co., KY to Martin Miller.

Stephen Joseph, m. 3 Mar 1833, Estill Co., to Prudy Ann Hawkins.

Benjamin, b. ca 1812; m. 22 Mar 1832, Estill Co., to Elizabeth Stevens.

Elizabeth, b. ca 1817; 1m. James (Joseph) Smith; 2m. 17 Jan 1835, Estill Co., to Thomas Hudson.

428. George Osborn was born ca 1780, VA to 856. William Osborne (b. between 1755-60; d. ca 1830, Clark Co.); d. Clark Co., KY; m. 28 Jun 1803, Clark Co., to

429. Sarah Richardson, daughter of 858. John Richardson (Sarah’s stepmother was Elizabeth Vice who married John Richardson in Frederick Co., VA). Known children were:
Greenup, b. ca 1808, Clark Co.; m. 15 Mar 1826 to Margaret Conkright.

Garret, b. ca 1810, Clark Co.; d. after 1870.

George W., b. ca 1812, Clark Co.; m. 3 Oct 1839, Clark Co., to Mary Ann Combs.

William P., b. ca 1815, Clark Co.; m. 7 Feb 1839 to Nancy Carnahan.

Willis Ray, b. ca 1818, KY; m. 22 Jan 1840 to Isabella Vice; d. after 1880, Clark Co.

Peter F., b. ca 1822; m. Caroline Curtis.

Margaret, never married.

Arkadiel, never married.

Elizabeth, m. James Richardson.

Sarah, m. Solomon Richardson.

448. Jochem Burgaart, Sr. was born 18 Feb 1752, NY to 896. Coenraad Burgaart and 897. Judick Van Valkenburg; m. 1770, NY to

449. Sarah White, born 1753; NY; died Ashtabula Co., OH.
From New York In The Revolution As Colony and State, James A. Roberts, Comptroller, Press of Brandow Printing Co., Albany, NY, 1898: ‘Jehoiakim Borghordt, Sr. served in the Ninth Regiment of the Albany County Militia under Colonel Peter Van Ness and Major Jacob Ford during the Revolutionary War. His brothers, Hennerey and Lambert, also served in the same regiment. Another brother, Milburry, served in The Line--Fourth Regiment under Colonels James Holmes and Henry B. Livingston….Lemuel Cleveland, who married [Jehoiakim’s] sister, Margaret, also served, as did…Abijah Ward, who married [Jehoiakim’s] sister, Rachel.’
Jochem Burgaart, Sr. was christened 1 Jul 1752, Zion Lutheran, Loonenburg, Greene, NY. He and his family were enumerated in Kortright, Montgomery, NY during the 1790 and 1800 Federal census. A story passed down states the following about Jehoiakim Burget: He grew up in Schenectady, NY and had some formal schooling in his teens but learned at an early age about nature and the forest. Around the age of 20, he went to Schoharie village to help build a stone church for the Reformed Dutch Church. It was around that time that Wampanoag Indians had migrated to the Mohawk Valley (they were descendents of Massasoit, friend of the Plymouth pilgrims). The Indians spoke English and most of them has English names…Sarah White, who married Jehoiakim, was allegedly a direct descendent of Massasoit. Soon after the stone church was completed, the Continental Army took it over in 1772. It was stockaded and became known as Fort Schoharie (also called the ‘Old Stone Fort’). Jehoiakim joined the Army as a scout that year. Due to his training and experience, he was assigned to arrange a system of communication by messengers between the Mohawk and St Lawrence Regions with Fort Schoharie as the home base. The known children of Jochem Burgaart and Sarah White were:
Conrad Burgett, b. ca 1771, Middleburgh, Schoharie, NY; m. ca 1804, Montgomery Co., to Martha Adelia White (b. 1786, Montgomery Co.; d. Thurston, Steuben, NY); d. Steuben Co., NY. Conrad was enumerated in Kortright, Montgomery, NY during the 1810 Federal census. Martha was

enumerated in Steuben Co. NY during the 1860 census.

Judith Burget, b. ca 1773, Schoharie, Schoharie, NY; m. 1791, NY to Josiah Dodge (b. 20 Jan 1767, Granville, Annapolis, Nova Scotia; d. ca 1836, Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH); d. Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH; Judith’s husband, Josiah Dodge, is a descendent of Mayflower passenger Richard More. Josiah and his family were enumerated in Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH during the 1820 census.
William Burget [224], Sr., b. ca 1778, Schoharie, Schoharie, NY; m. NY to Abigail Andrews; d. ca 1830, Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH.
Milberry Burget, b. ca 1783, Schoharie, Schoharie, NY; baptized 3 Aug 1784, Nobletown, Columbia, NY; m. NY to Sarah Andrews (b. 1785, CT; d. OH); d. ca 1833, Ashtabula Co., OH. Milberry Burget was enumerated in Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co., OH during the 1820 and 1830 census. Sarah was enumerated in Harpersfield during the 1840 census.
Jehoiakim Burgett, Jr., b. 29 Mar 1786, Harpersfield, Delaware, NY; d. 8 Oct 1863, Ashtabula Co., OH; 1m. before 1815 to Katherine Dodge; 2m. 21 Feb 1826 (4 Apr also seen), Trumbull, Ashtabula, OH to Catherine Elizabeth Glazier (b. 13 Jan 1796). Jehoiakim Burgett, Jr., was enumerated in Smithville, Chenango, NY during the 1810 census.
Fanny Burger, b. ca 1795, NY; m. FNU Cleveland

450. John L. Andrews was born ca 1750, CT; d. ca 1823, Chenango Co., NY. His known children were;


Abigail, b. 1781, CT; m. NY to William Burget, Sr. [#128] in NY; d. 2 Sep 1861, Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH.

John L. Jr., b. 1781.

Content, b. 1783.

Sarah, b. 1785, CT; m. NY to Milberry Burget (b. ca 1783, Schoharie, Schoharie, NY; d. ca 1833, Ashtabula Co., OH); d. OH.

Samuel, b. 4 Jan 1787, NY; d. 18 Mar 1850, Cherry Valley Twp, Ashtabula, OH; 1m. before 1809, probably Chenango Co., NY to Sarah Carpenter (b. ca 1784 to John Carpenter and Sarah Jenks; d. 1816); 2m. after 1809 to Polly Sprague (b. 1780; d. 1821); 3m. before 1823 to Huldah Crandall (b. 1803, NY; d. 14 Feb 1824, Cherry Valley Twp.); 4m. 1826 to Rebecca Henrietta Angello Mapes (b. ca 1793, Merced Falls, NJ; d. 22 Oct 1877, Saybrook, Ashtabula, OH). Samuel was in Cherry Valley during the 1850 census. Huldah is buried in Cherry Valley Cemetery. From Biographical History of Northeastern Ohio, Lewis Publishing Co., 1893, p. 890, Samuel Andrews came to Ashtabula Co., OH in 1814 and was one of the pioneer settlers of Wayne Township.

James, b. 1789; not specifically mentioned in his father’s will

William, b. 1791.

Rachel, b. 1793.
SOURCE: Chenango Co., NY Probate Records [Will # 56 A, Book B, Pg. 50, Smithville, June 12, 1812] - The Last Will and Testament of John Andrews of the Town of Smithville, County of Chenango, and the State of New York:
I, John Andrews, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory. Blessed be Almighty God for the same. I make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: That is to say first, I give and bequeath unto my third son, Samuel, all that part of my ménage or tenement situated, lying, and being in the premises which I last occupied, beginning at the north west corner running then south ten rods, thence parallel with the north line of P. premises to the highway, thence north to John Carpenter's S.E. corner, thence to the place of beginning.
Next, I give to my oldest son, Stephen, that part of P. premises lying adjoining said Samuel, beginning on the west line of the premises ten rods from the N. W. corner, thence south fifteen rods, thence easterly parallel with fore mentioned line to the highway, thence north to P. Samuel's line, thence to the place of beginning, I give and bequeath to my second son, John, all that part of said premises lying and being adjoining to Stephen's, beginning on the west line of P. premises twenty five rods from the N. W. corner, thence south forty rods, thence due east to the east line of P. premises, thence north to P. Stephen's, thence westerly to the place of beginning. I give and bequeath to my fourth son, James, all that part of said premises lying and being in the south end of P. premises south of before mentioned John.
I give and bequeath to my fifth son, William, all that part of P. premises remaining, lying, and being in the N. E. corner of P. premises, part on lot no. nine and part on lot no. four on the East side of the highway running by the house. I will and bequeath my household furniture to Abi Burget [my daughter], one dollar and the remaining part to be equally divided betwixt my three daughters Content, Sarah, and Rachel, and my granddaughter, Priscilla Burget, equally to be divided between them. And lastly as to all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate, goods, and chattels of what kind and nature so ever, to be equally divided between my five sons, of whom I hereby appoint my eldest son, Stephen, and second son, John, my sole executors of this, my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twelfth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve. [signed] John Andrews Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above name John Andrews to be the last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence of the testator.

[signed] William Mellenhall, Nicholas Powell, John Andrews Jun.

Chenango County Be it remembered that on the twelfth day of June eighteen twenty two before me, John Tracy, surrogate of said County, came John Andrews Junior, one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing instrument in writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of John Andrews, deceased, who being duly sworn, says that he saw John Andrews sign and seal said instrument.

464. Thomas Wray was born ca 1742, probably VA to probably 928. Moses Wray (b. ca 1716, VA); d. ca 1829, Cedar Creek, Wilson, TN; m. probably VA to

465. Alsey/Alcey MNU (possibly Whitson?), b. 1745; d. Feb/Mar 1835 (1831 also seen), Wilson Co., TN. Known children of Thomas and Alsey Wray (all the children were allegedly born in VA except for Margaret, who was born in TN):
Samuel, b. ca 1764

Luke, b. ca 1766; 1m. 27 Nov 1788 to Nancy Souther; 2m. 25 Dec 1811, Wilson Co. to Elly Daniels.

Solomon, b. ca 1768

Thomas, b. ca 1770

Jane, b. 1773, VA (probably Albemarle); m. Hugh Eagan, Jr.; d. 1860.

William, b. ca 1777, Davidson Co., TN

John, b. 1781 (1776 also seen; also seen as Jonathan); m. Nancy Rodgers

Simpson, b. ca 1786; wife Susan.

Tabitha, b. ca 1790; married name King.

Joseph, b. ca 1795; m. Elizabeth Moore.

Willis, 1m. Ann Wright; 2m. Elizabeth Carter.

Rachel, m. Dearmond/DeArmond.


Margaret J., b. 13 Oct 1800, Wilson Co.; m. John Eagan.
The information on Thomas, Alsey and their children has not been validated or verified. Most of this information comes from the Wray Forum on Although not completely accurate, the information here tends to show the general consensus of Wray family data shared by many on the Wray forum. In my opinion, the data is problematic. For instance, if Alsey was born around 1745, is it likely that Margaret was born in 1800 when Alsey was 55? In addition, Luke’s marriage to Nancy Souther has been questionable as well as who are the actual children of Luke Wray and Elly Daniels. Further research will be necessary to fill in the holes and substantiate the data of this Wray line.

512 ~

552. William Harris was born ca 1712, York Co, VA; died 1788, Albermarle Co., VA; married

553. Mary Netherland, born ca 1720, Goochland Co, VA to 1106. John Netherland and 1107. Sarah MNU;

656. Anton Mohr was born 16 Jun 1724, Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria to 1312. Michael Mohr and 1313. Maria Huber; married

657. Katharina Spiegel, born 30 Mar 1723 to 1314. Konrad Speigel and 1315. Theresia Roth;

658. Anton Schwendinger was born 30 Jan 1707 to 1316. Thomas Schwendinger and 1317. Maria Wehinger; married

659. Anna Maria Nell, born 29 Jan 1719 to 1318. Kaspar Nell and 1319. Anna Mätzler; died 23 Dec 1784

660. Franz Josef Rhomberg was born 10 Sep 1719 to 1320. Jakob Rhomberg and 1321. Maria Magdalena Danner; died 24 May 1778; married

661. Margaretha Ratz, born 17 Jun 1713; died 1778

662. Michael Albrich was born 9 Jul 1714 to 1324. Bernhard Albrich and 1325. Susanna Baumgartner; died 1 Dec 1782; married

663. Katharina Rhomberg, born 12 Jun 1723 to 1326. Silvester Rhomberg and 1327. Agatha Thurnher; died 23 Feb 1773
720. John Mohler/Moler/Moulder/Mohlar, born ca 1733 to 1440. Johann Henrich “Henry” Mohler/Moler and 1441. Maria Catharina Drucktenhengst; died 27 May 1810, Union Co., TN; married to

721. Susannah “Susa” Swingle, born between 1733 & 1741, Switzerland; died 1833, Grainger Co. (now Union Co.), TN

724. Johann Peter Keppel, Sr., b. 28 Apr. 1731, Herbitzheim, Saarwerden, Alsace to 1448. Paulus Koppel and 1449. Anna Elizabeth [MNU]; died in 1807; married 6 Jan 1756, Old Goshenhoppen Union (Lutheran) Church, Upper Salford, Montgomery Co., PA to

725. Anna Elisabetha Grobb, born ca 1736.

730. Archibald Buchanan, born ca 1730, Chester Co., PA; died 1806, Davidson Co., TN; married

731. Agnes Bowen McFerrin (widow), born ca 1734, Orange Co., VA to 1460. John Bowen and 1461. Lillian McIlhaney; died 1803, Nashville, Davidson, TN

1024 ~

1104. Matthew Harris

1106. John Netherland and 1107. Sarah MNU;

1312. Michael Mohr was born 24 Sep 1677, Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria to 2624. Urban Mohr and 2625. Anna Meuz; died 1742, Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria; married

1313. Maria Huber, born 1677; died 1742

1314. Konrad Speigel was born 15 Nov 1685 to 2628. Michael Speigel and 2629. Katharina Bröll; died 5 Dec 1758; married

1315. Theresia Roth, born 7 Apr 1692 to 2630. Johann Georg Roth and 2631. Anna Herburger; died 16 Jul 1756

1316. Thomas Schwendinger was born 10 Nov 1668 to 2632. Jakob Schwendinger and 2633. Ursula Wilhelm; died 21 Apr 1736; married

1317. Maria Wehinger, born 18 Dec 1671 to 2634. Johann Wehinger and 2635. Magdalena Feurstein;

1318. Kaspar Nell was born 1640; died 30 Oct 1723; married

1319. Anna Mätzler, born xxx to 2638. Michael Mätzler and 2639. Maria Huber; Anna was Kaspar’s 4th wife

1320. Jakob Rhomberg was born 1 May 1677 to 2640. Felix Rhomberg (same as 2652) and 2641. Barbara Zumtobel (same as 2653); died 18 Jun 1731; married

1321. Maria Magdalena Danner, born xxx to 2642. Martin Danner and 2643. Anna Barbara Herburger; died 1751. Jakob was a brother of Silvester Rhomberg [1326].

1324. Bernhard Albrich was born 21 Feb 1678 to 2648. Michael Albrich and 2649. Anna Wehinger; died 5 Nov 1723; married

1325. Susanna Baumgartner, born 20 Jan 1679 to 2650. Johannes Baumgartner and 2651. Maria Wirth; died 18 Jun 1743

1326. Silvester Rhomberg was born 31 Dec 1682 to 2652. Felix Rhomberg (same as 2640) and 2653. Barbara Zumtobel (same as 2641); married

1327. Agatha Thurnher, born 3 Feb 1694 to 2654. Rochus Thurnher and 2655. Katharina Ilg;
1440. Johann Henrich “Henry” Mohler/Moler was born 29 Sep 1711, Haßloch (Hasslock), Germany to 2880. Matthis/Mathes Mohler and 2881. Margretha/Cretha Strub; died prior to May 1797, Frederick Co., MD; married his second wife
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