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177. Eliza Ann Trumbull, born to 354. James Trumbull and 355. Mary McMullen;

See James Wesley Moore sketch below from [source: Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, vol. 5, authors Battle-Perrin-Kniffin, 4th ed., Boyle County]

James Wesley Moore [176] was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, and [as] a young man, [moved] to Danville, Ky. He entered in Capt. Grave’s company, Sixteenth Kentucky Infantry, in the Mexican war, and died at Camp Mier on the Rio Grande during his term of service [time frame between 1846-48]. [James] was the son of [352] William Moore, a native of Ireland who married [353] Elizabeth Banford. Their union was favored by the birth of John B., James W. [176], Elizabeth (Stanley & Ellsworth), Hannah (Davis), Samuel A. and Mrs. White. In 1833, James [176] married Eliza A. [177], daughter of [354] James and [355] Mary (McMullen) Trumbull, of Danville, KY (born in 1816, died December 14, 1875), and to them were born James W. (deceased), John B. (deceased), Mary J. (Bedford), William H. [88], Elizabeth S., Martha E. (deceased), Irvin W., Samuel F. and Nancy D. (deceased). Mary J. Redford’s [sic - both spellings indicated] children are Kate (Threlkeld), Joseph F., William A. and James W.
[88] William H. Moore’s children are Robert E. and James W. [44. James Everett], Irvin W. and Samuel F. [who] are in active partnership in farming and stock dealing, having 200 acres of productive land. They are members of the Presbyterian Church, and in politics, democrats and prohibitionists. Miss Elizabeth S. Moore is a Methodist.”

178. Henry Albert Hays was born 30 May 1814, NC to 356. Henry Hays and 357. Margaret Williams; died 13 Apr 1876, Poinsett Co., AR; married

179. Mary A. Stancell, born 1818, NC to 358. FNU Stancell and 359. Anna MNU (d. 1 Aug 1854, Poinsett Co., AR);
1850 Census - Northampton Co., NC

c:\documents and settings\you know who\local settings\temporary internet files\content.word\record_image.jpg
1860 Census – Bolivar, Poinsett Co., AR (Family 320)

Hays, Henry 46 NC

Hays, Mary 42 NC

Hays, Martha 21 NC

Hays, Albert 16 NC

Hays, Mary 11 NC

1870 Census – Scott, Poinsett, AR (302, 306)


Hays Family Cemetery (

‘This family cemetery [now considered part of Bethel Cemetery, Harrisburg, Poinsett, AR] belonged to Henry Albert Hays and his wife Mary A. Stancell Hays. They were one of three families that came together from Northampton County, N.C. in 1854. The other two families were Mary's brother, William Everett Stancell and Mary's mother, Anna Stancell. Anna Stancell died at the David Hare farm and the family refused to go farther west. Henry Hays and William Stancell rode 20 miles or more and learned of a tract of land for sale at the Dr. Mardis farm. After a look at the land, they bought 405 ½ acres from Richard Spencer. The land was divided with Henry taking the north half and William taking the south half. Here on this land the remains of Anna Stancell were laid to rest on Aug. 1, 1854. She is either buried on the north half where the Hays cemetery is located or on the south half where the Stancell cemetery is located. The two family cemeteries are a short distance apart. The oldest monument found at the Hays Cemetery is that of Mattie C. Moore, wife of William H. Moore and daughter of Henry Albert Hays who died March 12, 1868. In later years other families were also allowed to be buried there. As the land passed down through the family the cemetery was closed sometime between 1897 and 1903 and later generations used the Bethel Cemetery. James Everett and Nancy Arminda "Minda" Molder Moore had a child buried in the Hays Cemetery in 1897 but had to use the Bethel Cemetery when another child died in 1903 because the Hays Cemetery had closed. ‘

Moore, Martha C. "Mattie" Hays (Mrs. Wm. H.), daughter of Henry Albert Hays, born Oct. 10, 1838, died March 12, 1868

Moore, Mittie A., daughter of Jas. E. & Minda Molder Moore, born March 24, 1893, died Aug. 15, 1894

Moore, Willie, son of Jas. E. & Minda Molder Moore, born July 5, 1895, died May 29, 1987

180. Jacob Molder/Moulder was born 21 Jan 1806, Shelbyville, Bedford, TN to 360. Henry Moulder and 361. Mary Margaret MNU; died 19 Dec 1863, Bedford Co., TN; married 17 Dec 1829 to

181. Susannah Capley, born 3 Aug 1801, Rowan Co., NC to 362. Peter Keppel, Jr. and 363. Maria Barbara Grappin; died ca 1870
1850 Census – Bedford Co., TN

c:\documents and settings\you know who\local settings\temporary internet files\content.word\1850 molder - befrod co., tn.jpg
1860 Census - Bedford Co., TN (p. 166, family 1189)

Moulder, Jacob 54 NC

Moulder, Susan 57 NC

Moulder, S E [dau] 25 TN

Moulder, W B [son] 23 TN

Moulder, M J [dau] 18 TN

Moulder, S K [son] 14 TN
182. James Buchanan Jones was born 2 May 1809, TN to 364. Richard Jones and 365. Mary Buchanan; died 25 Oct 1862, Nashville, Davidson, TN; married 1 Nov 1832 to

183. Mary Ann “Polly” Allen, born 28 Nov 1812, Sumner Co., TN; died 6 Jun 1900, Bedford Co., TN
1850 Census - Bedford Co., TN (40, 40)

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1860 Census - Bedford Co., TN (p. 167-168, family 1200) 1870 Census – Bedford Co., TN

c:\documents and settings\you know who\desktop\record_image.jpg
Jones, James B 51 TN

Jones, Mary 48 TN

Jones, E A [dau] 19 TN

Jones, E D [son] 14 TN

Jones, James C 13 TN

Jones, M J [dau] 11 TN

Jones, Mahala 10 TN

Jones, Cyntha 8 TN

1900 Census - image 14/23

Williams, Jim H. [head] Oct 1873 TN TN TN

Williams, Lizzie [wife] Aug 1880 TN TN TN

Jones, Mary [aunt] Nov 1812 TN VA VA [widow; 9 children born, 7 living]

James Buchanan Jones enlisted in the Army during the Civil War at Shelbyville, TN on 25 May 1862 in Co. E, 10th Tennessee Vol. Regiment for 3 years. He was mustered in as a Sergeant on 7 Jul 1862 at Nashville, TN. On 25 Oct 1862, while in a Nashville hospital, James died of “chronic dysentery” contracted while in the line of duty. Richard Capley (born May 1831; died 28 Feb 1914) married Nancy A. Jones, daughter of James Buchanan and Mary Jones. Nancy was born 30 Jan 1837, Bedford Co, TN, USA; she died 6 Jan 1918 in Bedford Co, TN and was buried in Mt Lebanon Cemetery, Bedford Co, TN. Richard was the son of Mary Ann Crowell and John George Capley Sr, son of Peter Keppel Jr and Maria Barbara Grappin. John was born 28 Aug 1797 in NC, USA; died 1850 in TN. John George Capley Sr and Susannah Capley Moulder [181] were brother and sister.

188. William Henry Harris was born 1770; died 1844; married 189. Susanna Roberts

192. Daniel Abbett was born ca 1760 [probably Culpeper Co., VA] to 384. William Abbett and 385. Elizabeth MNU; died around 16 Mar 1801, Laurens Co., SC; married ca 1789 to

193. Alice McClanahan, born ca 1760, Westmoreland Co., VA to 386. William McClanahan and 387. Mary Sophronia Marshall;
Betsy Pickett, b. ca 1790

Lewis Morgan, b. 4 Feb 1792, either VA or SC

96 William McClanahan, b. ca 1795, either VA or SC

Daniel Marshall, b. ca 1798, SC

James Smith, b. ca 1799, SC

194. George Tubbs

195. Jane MNU [possibly Walton]

196. Michael Seltzer was born 24 Oct 1807, Womelsdorf, Berks, PA; died 1 Feb 1896; married to

197. Catherine Hain,
1850 Census, Womelsdorf, Berks, PA

c:\documents and settings\you know who\desktop\record_image.jpg

198. Levi Parks was born 24 Aug 1802, Washington, Wilkes, GA to 396. William J. Parks and 397. Mary Callaway; died 23 May 1864 - buried Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield, Freestone Co., TX; married 24 (or 29) Mar 1821, Masington, Wilkes, GA to

199. Martha A. Riddle, born 1 May 1803, Washington, Wilkes Co. to 398. Archibald Riddle and 399. Elizabeth Tate; died 23 Oct 1863 - buried Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield, Freestone Co., TX. Levi and family presumably moved to Wilcox Co., AL in 1830. Levi was listed as a Minister in the 1850 census. Levi and Martha also had two other daughters named Sarah and Martha Elizabeth, years of birth unknown. Their known children were
William Archibald, b. ca 1822, GA; d. 7 Dec 1869; m. Juliet A. (b. 16 Aug 1862); both are buried at Parks Cemetery near Sterlington, LA

Levi L., b. ca 1829, GA.

99 Mary Calloway, b. May 1834, AL; 1m. Levi H. Seltzer; 2m. James S. Abbott

Emma T., b. ca 1843, AL.

Henry S., ca 1845, AL (seen as ‘Henry J.’ in 1850 census of Prairie Bluff, Wilcox, AL)
1850 Census – Wilcox Co., AL

1860 Census - Morehouse Parish [ward 12], LA - family 226, page 31

Parks, Levi 57 GA

Parks, Martha 54 GA

Parks, Fate L 30 GA

Parks, Emma T 10 AL

Parks, Henry J 14 AL

200. Daniel Smith was born ca 1786, NC to 400. Caleb Smith and 401. Mary (Simmons?); d. 1846,

Jackson Co., FL; married to

201. Elizabeth (probably Williams). Known children were:
Elizabeth, married Benjamin Foscue.

Harriet A., 1m. Smith; 2m. Hugh Farrior.

Ann Gardner, married William Hall

Sarah Parsons, married Henry Augustas Bright.

100 Samuel William, b. 6 Jun 1815, NC (possibly 9 Jun)

Daniel sold a great quantity of his land in North Carolina between 1830 and 1832. During that time, he and his family moved with his in-laws to Florida. They settled in Jackson County where Daniel bought a large amount of land. Daniel made his will in 1843 and it was recorded in the Marianna Courthouse. The will was proven and probated in 1846 by his two executors, son Samuel and son-in-law William Hall.

202/206. William Foscue was born 20 Sep 1776, New Bern, Craven, NC to 404/412. Richard Foscue Sr. and 405/413. Leah MNU; d. 26 May 1857; m. ca 1805, NC to

203/207. Mary McClendel Smith, born 23 Sep 1777, NC; died 1842 (Jan or Jun). Known children of William Foscue and Mary Smith (there were allegedly five):
Eliza, b. ca 1808, New Bern; m. Green B. Patterson

101 Mary Elizabeth”Molly,” b. 12 Oct 1809, New Bern; m. 16 Jan 1834 to

Samuel William Smith

Caleb, born 11 Oct 1811, New Bern; died 19 Jan 1886, AL

Rhoda, b. ca 1813, New Bern.

210. Francis Cobb, Sr. was born ca 1791, England; died 30 May 1861, near Maysville, Mason, KY; married prior to 1828 to his second wife

211. Ann Cole, born ca 1805, AL to 422. Benjamin Cole and 423. Elizabeth Long; d. after 1880, KY. Their known children were;
105 Mary Ann, b. ca 1828, KY.

Benjamin, b. 24 Nov 1834, Mason Co., KY; m. 26 May 1859, Mason Co., to Eliza Collins.

Nancy, b. ca 1837, KY; m. 13 Feb 1856 to John Michael Butler.

Edward W., b. ca 1840, KY; wife’s name Ann Eliza per 1880 census.

Abijah C., b. ca 1844, Mason Co; murdered 24 Jul 1861, near Maysville.

George W., b. ca 1846 (possibly 1849), Mason Co; murdered 24 Jul 1861, near Maysville.

1850 Census – Mason Co., KY

c:\documents and settings\you know who\desktop\1850 cobb pt 1.jpgc:\documents and settings\you know who\desktop\record_image.jpg
Francis Sr.’s first wife was Elizabeth Easton and they had six children, all born in England:

Sarah, b. ca 1812; m. 9 Feb 1837 to James Bramble

John, b. ca 1813;

Francis, Jr., b. ca 1816;

Elizabeth, b. ca 1818;

William, b. ca 1820; and

Martha Jane, m. Joseph Spence
Francis purchased land in Mason Co., KY in 1822. On 11 Sep 1841, he sold lot #37 of his land to Alfred Fristoe. Francis, his wife Ann, and their two sons, Abijah and George, were attacked by Charles Collins on 24 Jul 1861 during a robbery in their home near Maysville. The sons were killed and Francis died from his injuries on 30 July while Ann survived the shooting. Charles Collins, who was hanged on 20 September 1861, was related to Eliza Collins, the wife of Francis’ son Benjamin.
The Union (Georgetown, OH) 31 July 1861 - The Cobb Murders; Murder of a Family in Maysville, KY.
One of the most atrocious murders we have ever been called upon to record occurred at a farm house on the Maysville and Orangeburg road, two miles from Maysville, In Mason County, KY on the 24 inst. The victims were an old man named Cobb and his two sons - one aged 16, the other about 21 years. Two men, named Charles Collins and ___ Moore, entered Mr. Cobb's house and seizing an ax, entered the room in which the young men slept, and deliberately butchered them. They then entered the bedroom occupied by Mr. And Mrs. Cobb. With a couple of heavily dealt blows upon the head they dispatched Mr. Cobb. They also struck his wife once or twice, and evidently thought they had killed her. Though very severely wounded, she is likely to recover. Having completed their horrible work of blood, they proceeded to search the house for money, and finding about $200 in a bureau drawer, departed with it. The object of the murder was booty, as one rullians [sic] understood that Mr. Cobb had a large amount of money in his possession at the time. What makes the deed appear still more inhuman is the fact that one of the murderers - Collins - is nearly [closely] related toMr. Cobb.

212. Samuel King, Sr. was born ca 1798, KY to 424. Jeremiah King and 425. Hannah MNU; m. 4 May 1816, Estill Co., KY to

213. Polly Howard, born ca 1800, KY to 426. Philip Howard and 427. Hannah MNU.
Greenbury/Greenberry, b. ca 1822, KY; d. 11 Jan 1862, Lebanon, KY.

Nancy, m. 19 Dec 1842 to Banister B. Puckett.

Polly Ann, m. 20 Jul 1846 to Estill Co., to James W. Smith.

106 Samuel Jr., b. 1832, KY.

Uriah, b. ca 1835, KY; d. 23 Mar 1862, Louisville, KY

Eleanor, b. ca 1837, KY; m. David Barnett.

Armilda, b. ca 1839; m. 1864, Clark Co. KY to George Barnett.

Alex, b. ca 1839.

214. Willis Ray Osborn was born ca 1818, KY to 428. George Osborn and 429. Sarah Richardson; d. after 1880, Clark Co., KY; m. 22 Jan 1840, Clark Co., to

215. Isabella Vice, born ca 1820, KY to 430. XXX and 431. XXX; d. 1869, Clark Co.
Amanda Minerva, b. ca 1840

George A. , b. ca 1842

William Tuttle, b. ca 1844

Simpson (Peter Green), b. ca 1846

107 Nancy Ann, b. ca 1849

John T., b. ca 1853

Joseph, b. ca 1855
222. Ahrend Wilkins [or variation]; married

223. Mary Ritter.

224. William Burget, Sr. was born ca 1778, Schoharie, Schoharie, NY to 448. Jochem Burgaart, Sr. and 449. Sarah White; d. ca 1830, Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH; m. NY to

225. Abigail Andrews, born 1781, CT to 450. John Andrews; d. 2 Sep 1861, Harpersfield (bur. South River Rd Cemetery, Harpersfield).
Copyright © 2000 by Milbrey Otto Burgett

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - This genealogical compilation of the Descendants of William BURGET, Sr. and Abigail ANDREWS may be used freely for the personal use of individuals researching the BURGHARDT/BURGET and allied families. Copying or distributing this compilation for commercial purposes is prohibited.

From History of Ashtabula County, Ohio, Williams Brothers, Philadelphia, 1878, [p. 170]: 'David Brainard...arrived in the township [Harpersfield] from old Harpersfield, NY in 1813 and located on lot 104. The property is now occupied by the youngest son, Newell W., with whom resides the father, at the advanced age of eighty-nine years…Josiah Dodge and Jehoiakim Burget [Jr.] settled in the township about the same time, and Archelas Parker and Isaac Patchen a few years later. William Burget [Sr.] and family located on lot 118 in 1817...'
William Burget, Sr. and family were enumerated in Smithville, Chenango Co., NY during the 1810 census. From History of the Western Reserve, Harriet Taylor Upton, Vol. 3, p. 1577, 1910: ‘Prominent among the early settlers of Harpersfield township, Ashtabula Co., was William Burgett, Sr., who came here from New York with his family in 1819, being then past 40 years of age, his birth having occurred in 1776. Wild animals of all kinds then roamed at will through the dense woods, and a few Indians remained, but were for the most part friendly. Building a log cabin, he was here employed as a tiller of the soil until his death in 1830. He married in New York, Abbie Andrews, by whom he had seven children, as follows: William Jr, Jehoiakim, born in 1801, died in 1850; John [112], Reuben, Priscilla, David and Ursula.’ Known children of William Burget and Abigail Andrews:
Jehoiakim W., b. 6 Dec 1799, Harpersfield, Delaware, NY; d. 23 Feb 1846, WI; m. 4 Apr 1826, Trumbull, Ashtabula, OH to Sarissa Anne Patterson (b. 30 Jun 1810, NY; d. 9 Feb 1883, Rockford, Winnebago. From: Kit Kramer, In 1825 Tax Records of Ashtabula Co., OH, Jehoiakim W. Burget was listed. In Land Title Deeds, Ashtabula Co., OH [Book L, page 309], Jehoiakim W. Burget sold 30 acres of land to Elanson Griffin on 14 Mar 1826. During the 1840 Federal Census, Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co., OH, Jehoiakim W. Burget was listed as a Head of Household in this census. He was in the 40-49 year age group [b. 1790-1800]. His wife was in the 30-39 year age group [b.1800-1810]. Unnamed Children were 1 male 5-10 [b. 1830-1835]; 1 male <5 [b. 1835-1840]; 1 female 5-10 [b. 1830-1835]; and 1 female <5 [b. 1835-1840].
112 John A., b. 28 Dec 1801, NY (probably Harpersfield, Delaware County); d. 1858 (between Mar and Apr), Utica, Livingston, MO; m. 28 Dec 1826, Ashtabula Co., OH to Lucy M. Hoskins;
Reuben F., b. 1804, probably Harpersfield, Delaware, NY; m. ca 1825 to Alvira Patterson; d. after 1884; Reuben F. Burget was listed as head of household in 1840 census for Rockport Township, Caldwell Co., MO [p. 130]. He was a member 'of the second wagon train through' on the Oregon Trail in 1847 from St. Joseph, MO to Kings Valley, Benton Co., OR, where he arrived on 18 Sep 1847 with his son, William, and filed a 'donation land claim' at the Oregon City, OR land office [certificate #4869, 320 acres, twp. 11S range 6W, section 5]. It was located at Kings Valley, Benton Co., OR. He was also listed in the 1854 Oregon Territorial Census at Kings Valley, Benton Co., OR and the 1860 Federal Census for Kings Valley, Benton Co., OR.
Priscilla, b. 1809, Smithville, Chenango, NY; d. 1862, Ashtabula Co., OH; Priscilla was mentioned in the will of her grandfather, John Andrews; and had a guardian appointed to her after the death of her mother, Abigail.
Rhoda, b. 1810, Smithville; d. Chenango Co.
Milbery, b. 1810, Smithville; d. Chenango Co.
William, Jr., b. 22 Aug 1813, Smithville; m. 11 Feb 1838, Ashtabula Co., OH to Mary Poole (b. 10 Feb 1819, Jefferson Co., NY; d. 26 Jan 1886, Morgan, Ashtabula, OH); d. 28 Jan 1886, Morgan, Ashtabula, OH. Mary is buried at South River Rd Cemetery, Harpersfield. From History of the Western Reserve, Harriet Taylor Upton, Vol. 3, p. 1577, 1910: ‘William Burgett, Jr., was born August 22, 1813, and at the age of 6 years came with his parents to Ohio. As soon as old enough, he began assisting his father in the pioneer labor of clearing a homestead, and was subsequently engaged in general farming on his own account, for ten or more years being an extensive manufacturer of cheese. He was a man of considerable prominence, and his death, January 16, 1886, was a loss to the community.’
David White, b. 13 Jan 1817, Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH; m. 1861, Van Buren Co., MI to Lydia Priscilla Alger (b. 24 Feb 1840, OH; d. 1879, Columbia Twp, Van Buren, MI); d. 30 Sep 1903, Columbia Twp (bur. Gobles, Van Buren Co.).
Lydian, b. after 1820, Ashtabula Co., OH; m. Edward Harvey.
Ursula, b. after 1820 (probably 1826 or 1836), Ashtabula Co., OH; m. 15 Aug 1855, Livingston Co., MO. to Henry Russell.

232. Luke Wray was born ca 1766 (?), VA (possibly Albemarle) to 464. Thomas Wray and 465. Alsey/Alcey MNU (possibly Whitson?); d. prior to Sep 1816 (probably 1814), Wilson Co., TN; m. 25 Dec 1811, Wilson Co., TN to

233. Elly Daniels, died Nov 1835, Wilson Co.
116 Ellison, b. 1812, Wilson Co.; Ellison’s first name may have been Isaac & he may have had a sister named Emily

320. Johann Forstner was born 2 Aug 1739, Reitmehring (modern day Rosenheim, Oberbayern, Bayern, Germany); married

321. Maria Schwarzeder

328. Johann Michael Mohr was born 4 Jun 1755, Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria to 656. Anton Mohr and 657. Katharina Spiegel; married to

329. Anna Maria Schwendinger, born 21 Jan 1753 to 658. Anton Schwendinger and 659. Anna Maria Nell;

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