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Go to http://www.ballgame.org/ Name________________________ By signing my name, I am affirming that this is my own work. I did not copy from anyone, and I did not let anyone copy from me.

A. Click on EXPLORE WORLD. On a separate sheet of paper, draw a map of Mexico and Mesoamerica like the one shown. Locate and label each of the cultures on your map.

  1. Introduction. What is Mesoamerica, and what present day countries does it include?

  1. OLMEC:

    1. When was the Olmec culture?

    2. What does Olmec mean in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language?

    3. Give 4 accomplishments of the Olmec (summarize, but use complete sentences)


    1. What specific animal is mentioned as being a subject in Olmec art?

    1. What was found at El Manati (that is mentioned in this site)?

    1. What amazing sculptures – 10 of them! – were found at the San Lorenzo site?

    1. What significant “first” in architecture was found at La Venta?

  1. WESTERN MEXICO culture

    1. When was Western Mexico culture?

    2. Click on Culture, Artwork, and Ballgame. Describe the picture on the right for each one.

  1. “Culture” picture-_________________________________________________________

  2. “Artwork” picture-_________________________________________________________

  3. “Ballgame picture”-_________________________________________________________


    1. When was the Teotihuacan culture?

    2. 4 major accomplishments (summarize, but use complete sentences.)





    1. How many people lived in the city of Teotihuacan?

    2. What two famous pyramids were there?

  1. MAYA

    1. When was the Maya culture?

    1. 2 major accomplishments (Summarize, but use complete sentences.)



    1. What is mentioned as one of the titles of the Mayan kings?______________________________

    2. What was the Mayan creation story called? _________________________________________

    3. Who were the twins in the Mayan creation story?_____________________________________

    4. Look at the Mayan sites

      1. Which Mayan city had the largest known ball court in Mesoamerica?

      1. In what Mayan city was King Pacal buried?

      1. What is depicted in the carved stone panels of Yaxchilan?

  1. Which city and culture had 21 known ball courts, and was the place where “the ball game reached its greatest height”?


    1. When was the Toltec culture?

    2. Major accomplishments (Summarize, but use complete sentences)



    1. What was the “tzompantli”?

  1. AZTEC

    1. When was the Aztec culture?

    2. What does the term Aztec refer to? What were the Aztec people also called?

    1. Major Accomplishments (Summarize, but use complete sentences)


    1. What Aztec god was patron of the ball game?

    2. What were the significant features of the capital, Tenochtitlan



  1. HUASTEC. Look under “The Ballgame and Huastec Culture”. What evidence is there that females sometimes played the ball game?

  1. What was the name of the Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztec?

1. Go to the BALL
a. What were the balls made of?

b. Summarize the 8 steps in making a rubber ball.

i. _______________________________________________________________________

ii. _______________________________________________________________________

iii. _______________________________________________________________________

iv. _______________________________________________________________________

v. _______________________________________________________________________

vi _______________________________________________________________________

vii. _______________________________________________________________________

viii _______________________________________________________________________

  1. Click on the balls and answer

  1. About how big were the balls and how much did they weigh?_________________________

  2. What was at the core of some of the balls?_____________________________________

  3. Name 3 other things they used rubber for._____________________________________


  1. When did the Mesoamericans start using rubber?________________________________

  2. What is Vulcanization? What did the Mesoamericans mix with rubber to make it less sticky?


  1. What was a ultelolotli?

  1. Go to UNIFORM

    1. Name and tell what each of the 5 pieces of the uniform were

  1. _____________ __________________________________________

    1. _____________ __________________________________________

    2. _____________ __________________________________________

iv. _____________ __________________________________________

v. _____________ __________________________________________

a. Dress the ball player. Did you get the pieces of the uniform in the right place?

  1. Go to COURT – Draw a diagram of the court and label its parts.

4. Go to THE GAME:

a. Read under “How we play the game”. Explain 5 similarities between how we approach sports today

and how they approached the ball game then. Use complete sentences.


b. Look carefully under “What happened to the losers”.

i. What happened to the looser in the Chichen Itza stone relief?

ii. What happened to the looser in the El Tajin stone relief?

c. Read carefully under “Explore this Artwork”. Read the Popul Vuh story.

i. What was the Popul Vuh?

ii.Who were the original twin ball players. Why did the gods get made at them?

iii. What did the gods, the Lords of Xibalba, do to these twins?

iv. What did the head of Hun do, and what was the result?

v. Who were the new Twin Heros? What did they do?

vi. What happened to the original twins?


a. Lick on “Watch the Game”. Look at the clay model and listen to the commentary. Describe 5 things you learned about the game and spectators from the model and commentary. Use complete sentences.


b. Now “Play the Game” several times. Answer

i. What did the heavy equipment protect the players from?_________________

ii. What was the ball court shaped like?________________________________

iii. What does “Ah Pitzlaw” mean?___________________________________

iv. What sometimes happened to the losers?_____________________________

v. How old is the ball game?_________________________________________

vi. What part of the uniform went around the waist?______________________

  1. What story is the ball game based on?___________________________

  2. How did your games turn out?_________________________________


Go to: http://www.learner.org/interactives/collapse/mayans.html

  1. Where was Copan located?

  1. After what date were no more buildings built in Copan?

  1. Click on Botany. What does the evidence from the slide of mahogany pollen tell us about what happened by around 1200-1250AD? Use complete sentences

  1. Click on Monuments: What clue about the timing of the collapse does this building give us? Explain. Use complete sentences.

  1. Click on People.

    1. How many people live in the Copan valley today, and how does that compare with the number who lived there before the collapse?

    1. What does the farmer tell us, and what clue does that give us as to what may have been happening before the collapse?

  1. Click on Bones:

    1. What condition was found in skull 1?

    1. What condition was found in skull 2? What was different about skull 2, and what further clue does this give us?

  1. Click on Houses

    1. Explain what clue the erosion debris gives us.

    1. Explain what clue the obsidian blades give us.

  1. Give your answers and explain.

    1. Why do you think Copan collapsed? Use at least 2 complete sentences to answer this question.

INCA –Use complete sentences

  1. Inca Human Sacrifice:

Go to: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/sacrificial-ceremony.html

  1. Who was Tanta Carhua?

  1. Describe, step by step, what happened to her.






3) What was Capacocha?

  1. At what times, on what occasions, did the Inca make human sacrifices?

  1. How was the child sacrifice viewed?

  1. Describe the procession.

  1. Describe the place where the child was placed.

  2. Describe the actual death of the child.

  1. Go do http://www.nationalgeographic.com/inca/inca_culture.html

  1. Where was the 500 year old Inca statue buried? How many people did the Inca rule?

  1. Who was the Ice Maiden?

  1. Describe the statues buried with human sacrifices.

  1. What was quipu?

  1. What was the importance of the Llama in Inca culture?

  1. What was found at Machu Picchu?

  1. What were mummy bundles?

  1. What was found when mummy bundles were unwrapped?

  1. Mummy Bundles of Puruchuco http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/content/inca/

  1. Watch the video. Write 5 facts about the mummy bundles. Use complete sentences.

  1. Click through the mummy bundle. For each layer 1-8, click on A & B, and tell what was found there.

  1. A- B-

  2. A- B-

  3. A- B-

  4. A- B-

  5. A- B-

  6. A- B-

  7. A- B-

  8. A- B-

  1. Inca farming and terraces.

  1. Go to http://www.rediscovermachupicchu.com/agricultural-terraces.htm

Give 4 advantages of the farming on terraces



  1. Go to: Inca Agriculture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ_79i-KUvE

Summarize the importance of this Inca site.


***Cracking the Maya Code (Nat. Geo) : http://video.pbs.org/video/980048895/
Engineering an Empire-the Maya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuqTwJP5HRg

Engineering an Empire – Aztec

Engineering an Empire - Inca

The Dawn of the Maya (Nat Geo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxNl380F1S8&feature=related

Maya-Blood of Kings (Time-Life Lost Civ.) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxNl380F1S8&feature=related

Who Killed the Maya (Hist. Channel) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSw-TES7dgs&feature=related

Lost King of the Maya (Nat. Geo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeVI-tzku6k&feature=fvw

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