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Signing Job Corps form ETA-653 gives your permission for basic routine health care including oral health care and the oral exams. Job Corps covers basic oral health care as a benefit because a healthy mouth is important to getting and keeping a job. It is like a dental insurance plan covered by a job. Job Corps chooses and pays licensed, qualified dentists and dental hygienists to check for, treat and help prevent dental disease. Depending upon the Job Corps Center, oral health care is provided conveniently on-center or conveniently by transportation off-center.
Students have a choice. They can use their Job Corps oral health care benefit or they can go to non-Job Corps dentists at their own expense as long as it does not take time away from their Job Corps education and training. When students receive their Job Corps mandatory oral exam, center dentists will tell them what is wrong in their mouths, what services are necessary and what Job Corps covers. The dentists will discuss the reasons why the students should get dental care and what will happen to the teeth or gums if they refuse to get them treated. Generally, problems get worse if not treated. Job Corps staff will teach all students methods and responsibilities to prevent dental problems.
Job Corps’ list of covered basic oral health services includes procedures that will get students out of pain, get rid of their dental disease, help prevent dental disease, and help make students employable. Although the center dentists will do their best to treat the students’ dental problems, some problems may be so complicated to correct that in certain cases, additional care at the students’ expense may be required after they complete Job Corps or through a medical separation.
There is a waiting period before students can use their oral health care benefits. However, emergency care is a benefit as soon as students arrive on-center. Students with severe pain or infection must obtain services to get rid of the problems if they want to stay in Job Corps. Emergency care may include tooth removal, temporary fillings and/or medication depending upon what is best for the student.
The center dentists’ hours are limited. There is no guarantee that all of a student’s oral health care will be completed before he or she leaves Job Corps but the center dentist will treat the worst problems first. Getting oral health care will depend upon: students making appointments as soon as they are able to do so, keeping all scheduled appointments, needing procedures that are covered under the basic oral health and wellness program, and the severity of each student’s dental problems compared to the other students on center. Students with the worst problems get the top priority.
The individual who signs the ETA-653 may contact the health and wellness manager at the Job Corps center to which the student is assigned to find out more about that particular center’s oral health and wellness program.
I read and understood the contents of this form. Students will be expected to make informed decisions about oral health care like any patient with a dental insurance plan that is a job benefit. They will be required to take responsibility for their own oral health by keeping all appointments and following Job Corps Center policies.
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