Excellence In Lab Management – Series 2 dvd 1 Shaping Up Your Safety Program Mary Borg

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Excellence In Lab Management – Series 2

DVD 2.1

Shaping Up Your Safety Program

Mary Borg

  • Which Parts of OSHA standards apply to dental labs

  • How to implement OSHA programs through training

DVD 2.2

Using the Profit and Loss Statement to Make Good Business Decisions

Chuck Yenkner

DVD 2.3

Dental Lab Industry Update

Ricki Braswell 

DVD 2.4

"What got you here won't get you There" (Becoming a resource to your Doctors)

Dean Mersky 

DVD 2.5

Not Knowing is Costing You Money: The Power of Client Feedback

Greg Drevenstedt 

  • Understand the value (and overcome the fear) of regular client feedback

  • Develop and conduct client feedback surveys

  • Tabulate, analyze, and report survey results

  • Translate survey results into action steps to improve business management

DVD 2.6

Laser Welding 101

Paul Giovannone 

DVD 2.7

Lean Manufacturing Principle for Dental Laboratories

Bob Long 

  • What does Lean mean in a dental lab or manufacturing environment

  • Lean in the model room

  • Lean in the casting environment

DVD 2.8

Porcelain Department Management Issues

Charles Mcclemens

  • All for one or one for all?

  • One tech/one crown...or step-specific manufacturing throughout

  • Maximizing porcelain department efficiencies

DVD 2.9

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

Bennet Napier 

DVD 2.10

Making the Quality Connection

Mary Borg 

  • How to comply with the Food and Drug Administration Title 21

  • How to comply with the Subchapter H-Medical Devices

  • How to comply with the Part 820 Quality System Regulation

  • The law and legalities of immigration

DVD 2.11

7 Habits of Highly Effective Dental Labs

Mark Murphy 

Excellence In Lab Management – Series 3

DVD 3.1

Predicting Your Future by Design

Brian Connolly

DVD 3.2

Marketing Dental Laboratories

Judy Fishman, CEO, LMT Communications

  • Enjoy a frank discussion about LMT, it's history and future

  • Design and use components of Lab Management Today as a resource

  • Understanding Labs today and how they can best prepare for the future

DVD 3.3

Designing a Modern Dental Lab

Hal Jones, CDT and Glenda Jones, Owners - Summit Dental Lab

  • Taking a lab, manager and owner through the thought, design and building process for a modern, efficient dental laboratory

  • Understand the different decision matrices that are encountered and how to prepare for them

  • Build an employee centric lab that creates loyalty and job satisfaction

DVD 3.4

Technician of the Future

David Lesh, CDT, Owner - Dale Dental

  • Understand the role of technology as it applies to dental lab evolution

  • Look into the future role of the dental technician as designer and information manager

  • Evaluate a decision matrix regarding the information/technology highway and the appropriate interface for your dental lab

DVD 3.5

FDA Oversight of the Laboratory Profession

Bennet Napier, CAE, Co-Executive Director – NADL

  • Recent requests by the FDA of the NADL have advanced potential import and domestic regulation for dental technology

  • Understand the NADL's response and how it advances dental technology as a profession, protects technicians and supports the health and safety of the patient population

  • Discuss the '7 points' of best practices in dental technology proposed by the NADL to the FDA in response to the task force's request

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