Examination topics Oral Biology 3rd year

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Examination topics

Oral Biology

3rd year

  1. Intrauterine facial development (clefts)

  2. Palate development (clefts)

  3. Tongue development

  4. The mineral component of dental hard tissues

  5. The fibres and extracellular matrix in calcified dental tissues

  6. Amelogenesis

  7. Dentinogenesis

  8. Classification of dentin

  9. Dentine permeability

  10. Dentin sensitivity, theories of pain transmission through dentin

  11. Cementogenesis

  12. Movements leading to tooth eruption (phases)

  13. Changes in tissues around tooth germ during eruption

  14. Development, structure and functions of the pulp

  15. Periodontal and alveolar physiologic processes during tooth displacement

  16. Oral mucosa. Oral sensation

  17. Taste receptor, mechanism and nerve supply of taste perception

  18. Classification and structure of salivary glands

  19. Innervation of salivary glands and production of saliva

  20. Saliva (composition, types, functions)

  21. The gingival crevice (development and structure). Gingival crevicular fluid (GCF)

  22. Development, composition and metabolism of dental plaque. Calculus

  23. Structure and function of temporomandibular joint

  24. Muscles of face and mastication

  25. Types of mastication, neural mechanisms of mastication

  26. Deglutition

  27. Phonation

  28. Nutrition in relation to oral biology

  29. Oral biological aspects of vitamins. Deficiencies

  30. Fluoride and calcified tissues. Metabolism and toxic effects of fluoride

  31. Theories of ageing. Effects of ageing in relation to the hard tissues of mouth

  32. Effects of ageing in relation to the soft tissues of mouth and oral functions.

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