Eternal Reward

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Sep 12

to Haseeb

Hi Haseeb, it's me your former Tutor Mr Azam. I pray that you and your family are getting on well.

I'm emailing to inform you of my quite new Islamic Miracles website

On the first page are videos of a lion, corvine bird and rooster all saying ALLAH and a lot more too on p.2 of the Site and everywhere else!  I've worked really hard on the Site all summer!

Please look at the Site and then let me have your detailed comments on the Feedback form which is right at the bottom of the first page.

Mr Azam 

(no subject)

Sep 14

to me

Sorry for the distraction but I had 2 dreams I think they are similar or have the same meaning. The second one was after the first one with several months.
The first dream, was that I once opened the window of the house and I found it raining heavily while a lot of people were praying under our house also a lot of cars were parked. Supposedly we have a piece of land in the middle of the street, but in the dream as much as there were cars this piece of land was not present. As if the street was covered with people who were praying whom only took a small portion of the street and the rest was covered with the various types of cars.
The second dream, it was night me and my sister were down stairs in the street there was a pool instead of this piece of land. There are still unbuilt houses around our house in the dream we were talking that all of these houses became built already and a lot of different cars were parked around the pool. My sister and I stood beside a car and kept on wondering that there are no more places for any cars to be parked in the street and where will the other people who still did not settle will park their ones.

Re: Your Dream


Sep 14

to masaelkady


Your dream seems to indicate the many choices of career or livelihood open to you and members of your family. Inshallah life will become lucrative for you all with money coming in.

Dr Umar

Re: (no subject)


Sep 14

to masaelkady

I mean your DREAMS mean this,  both of them, because both are on the same subject of business.success in your life.

Dr Umar





Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 1:30 PM


hanfi-1: Taweez ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )

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