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Clinical findings:

  • age of onset between 6 months and 4 years(usually at 18 months)

  • occasionally then one eye divergens patient close this eye in bright light

  • sometimes diplopia occurs

  • once suppression has been triggered by the eye drifting out

  • patients have a larger binocular peripheral visual field than normal people

  • typical cases have stereoacuity at near, this is where most patients control their deviation


Differential diagnosis:


  • full correction of refractive error

  • prism base-out glasses facilitating actions of the weakened muscles

  • eye exercises strengthening binocular vision

  • sometimes botulinum toxin iniection to the muscles is required

  • strabismus surgery is required only then intermittent exotropia appear


Fig.5Congenital exotropia in 3-month-year child

Fig.6. Eleven-year-old with congenital exotropia.

This form of strabismus is very rare present since birth.Fig5. Exotropia is a manifest outward deviation of the visual axis of one or both eyes. One eye and then the fellow eye fixes alternatively in the primary position.Fig.6.

Clinical findings:

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